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BG1 cumulative vs Opcode 126: Stat: Movement Modifier

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In case anyone still cares about bg1/totsc: while trying to figure out the speed discrepancy* between haste and the boots of speed (they don't double as in bg2), testing showed that incrementing works as setting. In other words, trying to increase the rate by 3 will actually slow you down (6 being the base bg1 rate). IESDP updated to match.


* somehow they make you effectively faster by setting your rate to 11 than haste doubling it to 6*2 = 12 !? The only explanation I currently have is that speed doesn't scale linearly with rate, but that would be quite silly.

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Since I mentioned it, here's some more testing data for horizontal paths with the "set to" mode of the opcode. Testing with boots of speed setting movement rate, values are speed in px/s, plus delta:

  • 5: 75
  • 6: 90 (matching default), +15
  • 7: 105, +15
  • 8: 120, +15
  • 9: 120, +0
  • 10: 120, +0
  • 11: 235 (item default), +115
  • 12: crash
  • 13: crash
  • 14: crash

Utter madness. It's like 8 was the max at some point and then they bolted on 11 just for boots of speed.

The 15s could be 16s (one horizontal foot), but data is data.

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