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Hidden Adventures: Quest/Tweak Mod for BG2 (Kerzenburgforum)

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 I am considering installing the Anomen component of NPC Tweak v7  with Hidden Adventures ?

The Anomen component of NPC tweak mod is all about making both paths interesting When Anomen is disowned by his father...why does he keep his family shield? And, if he fails his knighthood test, he doesn't really get anything out of it...

They are compatible as stated by Hidden adventures readme but are they synergizing/fitting well with each other ?

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Ran into and fixed an issue with Anomen's quest. After killing both assassins and collecting the evidence, couldn't turn the quest in to Alwesk - he just stood there and did nothing when clicked on. Manually changed WAMoirQ from  7  to 8, which seems to have solved it.

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Looks like I celebrated too early. Another issue with Anomen quest: after following Anomen into the Saerk estate, there are some hostile Guards, then a long dialogue between everyone present unfurls, then Anomen, his dad, and some spawned Hired thugs attack the party. Killing the thugs triggers Yusuf's dialogue that starts "Scoundrels! You may have defeated my men, but Farradh will drink from your skulls!" on an endless loop. Looking at the YUSUF.DLG, Anomen is supposed to interject, but he is still hostile rather than back in the party. Manually ctrl+q Anomen and his dad doesn't fix the situation. Any ideas?

Possibly related: there is a fadeout after the initial dialogue, after which a guard yells "who in the blazes are you?", after which Anomen and hid dad turn hostile. The stuff set by that "who in the blazes are you?" line is Global("sguard3yell","GLOBAL",0)` plus a bunch of shouts, then after pressing continue SetGlobal("sguard3yell","GLOBAL",1).

EDIT: Possibly solved in quite a brute force way: just ctrl+y the hostile guards before walking too cloze, and the chain of dialogues fires correctly. After Yusuf and the dads are taken away, the "bugged" guards remain and raise the alarm, but that doesn't prevent speaking to Surayah. After the dialogue with Surayah, the butler starts to sell items and offer rest, so I guess all's well that ends well? No idea whether the problematic guards (SGUARD3) are even this mod's fault, but hopefully this report helps!

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