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Help for a proofreading please !

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Call to anglophones here : I have nearly finished the last version of my mod - Kaya 2.2 - and I have it personally translated in English. But I need that someone who has English as mother tongue - or knowing it very well - in order to correct the mistranslations which could be present here and there, so I would be very happy if it could be done here. But the most important for me is the necessity to suppress the detection of BG2EE in the tp2, and above all meticulously verify the files of the 7 mage robes I've made, I put here the document which list the principal problems; if someone could verify and finalize the robes files, I would very grateful. Thank you by advance.

PS : I've mischievously alluded to an archmage called Jasteya…I hope you know who she is, of course…

Kaya_v2.2.rar Kaya.txt

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Haha! I'm not sure I'd be an archmage, probably more of a "Matron Modder". :)

I'm not good at item creation and editing I'm afraid. Also, I'm ESL (English Second Language).

To your first question: do you want the mod to not install on EE at all? Then you'd need to put something like this beneath the BEGIN @10000:

REQUIRE_PREDICATE !GAME_IS ~eet bg2ee~ ~This mod is not compatible with the Enhanced Edition.~


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Well, thank you nevertheless, Jastey (I think you're German, if you may confirm). So, is it possible that another modder could help me in this task ? I think It won't take a lot of time, and it could help me a lot. Thank you by advance.

PS : Matron Modder ? It's a clever pun. alas untranslatable in French…

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The problem with the "small tasks" is that every active modder already has a list of ca. 25 of them, and the others aren't active... Just be patient, don't lose your smile, and bump the project from time to time. You will find help eventually.

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