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Now available: NPC Generator v1.0 - NPC creation made easy!

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NPC Generator

Have you ever regretted that the game only allowed you to create an initial party consisting of the protagonist and (with some effort) a small number of additional characters? Not anymore!

This mod allows you to install any number of pregenerated or exported characters as regular NPCs. They can be met at predetermined locations where you have the chance to invite them into your party or have them tag along without occupying party slots at any time in the game.

The following games and game variants are supported:
- Original BG2
- Tutu/EasyTutu
- BGT (Baldur's Gate Trilogy)
- SoD (Siege of Dragonspear)
- BG2:EE
- EET (Enhanced Edition Trilogy)

The mod is currently available in English and German.

Download: GitHub

Discussion: G3, Beamdog


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