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SHS: Nephele NPC Mod updates to v2.6: Bugfixes and EET compatibility!

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Spellhold Studios


Nephele NPC


Adding a touch of humour and hopefully a hint of originality and interest, Nephele is a new NPC for BGII: SoA and ToB--a halfling cleric of Yondalla, mother of seven and a compulsive adventurer.

A woman of many stories, she has lived a long and sometimes dangerous life, been married, had children (and grandchildren), and dealt with her demons. Nephele has no earth-shaking quest, no troubling issues and requires no therapy. That's not to say that she won't pipe up with her opinion at every juncture, and do her best to make you into the best young man or woman you can be!


Nephele mod updates to v2.6 with some bugfixes. Since v2.4 the mod is also directly compatible with all BG2 games: BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, and EET!



  • Nephele will not comment on situations if she was not in party (meeting Bodhi, meeting Aran, Bodhi escaped first time, escaping Underdark.)
  • Nephele will receive XP up to the PC's level upon first joining (up to 3,000,000 XP)
  • Changed download link in nephele.ini to GitHub repo
  • added folder libiconv-1.9.2-1-src.7z with iconv licence info


  • Fixed repeating Nephele-Nalia banter


  • EET compatibility added
  • Epilogues should show correctly
  • Banter triggers changed to GLOBAL.
  • tp2: SUPPORT tag added with link to forum at SHS
  • HANDLE_CHARSETS added and inconv.exe
  • corrected trigger for interjections: See("Nephele") added, interjection into Solar should not happen if Nephele cannot talk.
  • Optimized triggers for dialogues (added CombatCounter(0) and !See([ENEMY]) to activation blocks etc.)
  • added InParty() trigger for NPC who starts the banter (probably not necessary but better save than sorry)
  • (all fixes from BWPFixpack integrated)
  • wrong sound references removed from lk#neph.cre
  • Fixed EE kit issues
  • nephele.ini with mod info metadata added
  • Update to WeiDU v246


Read the Readme

Visit the Forum

Visit the Mod's Page

Download at SHS

Download at GitHub



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