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EET Mega Quest Mod Installation

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Hi all,

New here, but been playing BG + IWD since they first appeared in the 90's. :) (Yes, I still have all the original cd's).

I like using my own npc's and therefore tend to install content mods over npc mods. Before EE I had to create my own NPC's for BGT. (What fun that was.)

Here is my current Mega installation. I have encountered a few oddities with which I would appreciate advice, or help.

First, the mods (PI install):


DlcMerger:1:"Siege of Dragonspear" DLC

BGEEClassicMovies:0:Replace all movies

BGEEClassicMovies:2:Show all movies in options without need to unlock them in game

BGEEClassicMovies:3:Restore BG1 Chapter and Dream Screens

bg1ub:0:Ice Island Level Two Restoration

bg1ub:11:Scar and the Sashenstar's Daughter

bg1ub:12:Quoningar, the Cleric

bg1ub:13:Shilo Chen and the Ogre-Magi

bg1ub:14:Edie, the Merchant League Applicant

bg1ub:15:Flaming Fist Mercenary Reinforcements

bg1ub:16:Creature Corrections

bg1ub:17:Creature Restorations

bg1ub:18:Creature Name Restorations

bg1ub:19:Minor Dialogue Restorations

bg1ub:22:Item Corrections and Restorations

bg1ub:29:Duke Eltan in the Harbor Master's Building

bg1ub:30:Nim Furlwing Encounter

bg1ub:32:Svlast, the Fallen Paladin Encounter

bg1ub:33:Mal-Kalen, the Ulcaster Ghost

bg1ub:34:Chapter 6 Dialogue Restorations

DarkHorizonsBGee:0: "Dark Horizons" Mod for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

soa:0:Default version: areas connected by travel triggers

EET:0:EET core (resource importation)

EET_gui:0:Siege of Dragonspear




bggoEET:1:No Purple Patches

bggoEET:2:Use extended BG1 areas for TDDz

LeUI:0:lefreut's Enhanced UI - Core component

LeUI:1:lefreut's Enhanced UI - BG2 vanilla bams for spells

LeUI:2:lefreut's Enhanced UI - BG2 vanilla fonts for descriptions

LeUI:4:lefreut's Enhanced UI - Reverse +/- buttons position

LeUI:10:lefreut's Enhanced UI - Quests in journal collapsed by default

EEUITweaks:1000:Mods Options

EEUITweaks:1010:Hidden Game Options

EEUITweaks:1090:Default Button Position

EEUITweaks:1080:lefreut's Portrait Picker

EEUITweaks:2042:lefreut's Level Up Glow with Click

EEUITweaks:2060:lefreut's 1.3-ish Dialog Box

EEUITweaks:2900:lefreut's Improved Record Screen

EEUITweaks:3000:Leveling Progress Bars Tweaks

EEUITweaks:3070:lefreut's Simple Journal Fixes

EEUITweaks:3028:lefreut's Customize Screens Tweaks

EEUITweaks:3030:lefreut's Customize All Characters

EEUITweaks:3050:With Item Comparison

EEUITweaks:4005:Default Button Position

EEUITweaks:4000:Joined Store Panels Using lefreut's Solution

EEUITweaks:5041:BG2 vanilla fonts for descriptions

toa:1:Tales of Anegh (Weidu)

toa:3:Waukeens Promenade (Chapter 6)

DSotSC:0:Dark Side of the Sword Coast (DSotSC)

DSotSC:3:More common encounters in vanilla areas

DSotSC:4:Distribute DSotSC items also in vanilla content

ntotsc:0:Northern Tales of the Sword Coast (NTotSC) for BGT-Weidu, BG:EE, and EET

ntotsc:1:Keelor the Dwarf

ntotsc:2:Llindellyn's Lucky Arrow

ntotsc:3:Nim Furlwing's Hunting Hounds

ntotsc:4:Pilar and Gheldehar

ntotsc:5:Svlast's Torment

ntotsc:7:Fighting Encounters

bgqe:0:Slime Quest

bgqe:1:Beregost Family Quest

bgqe:2:Babysitting Quest, including the Carnival Encounter...

bgqe:3:Nashkel Monster Quest

bgqe:4:Fallen Paladin Quest

bgqe:5:Undying Love Quest

bgqe:6:Lovesick Half-Orc

bgqe:7:Unexpected Help Quest

bgqe:8:Many Little Paws

bgqe:9:Drunk near Beregost Temple

bgqe:10:A Warm Place for Noober

bgqe:11:Brage's Sword

bgqe:12:Legal Sea Charts Sources

bgqe:13:Additions to the Lady's Hall and the Bitch Queen's Temple

bgqe:14:A Worried Farmer

bgqe:15:Bodies for a Good Cause

TGC1E:0:Normal edition

Vaulteet:0:The Vault (Ikki's rework for EET compatibility)

Vaulteet:1:The Vault's item upgrades - Compatibility with Item Revisions. Recommended for consistency if you plan to install IR main component later

BonehillEET:0:Secret of BoneHill (EET)

TDDz:0:TDD - Core

TDDz:1:TDD - Trollford

TDDz:2:TDD - Eshpurta

TDDz:3:TDD - Purskal

TDDz:4:TDD - Riatavin

TDDz:5:TDD - Onset of the Darkest Day

TDDz:6:TDD - Robilard

TDDz:7:Start Onset quest ouside Suldanessalar

SOS:0:Shadows Over Soubar

SOS:1:Selence arrives to Waukeens Promenade after the meeting with Gaelan in the slums

SirinesCall:0:The Lure of the Sirine's Call

SirinesCall:1:Extended Lighthouse area

ac_quest:0:Ascalon's Questpack

thalan:0:Thalantyr - Item Upgrade

BGeeArWe:0:TeamBG's Armours for EET

BGeeArWe:1:TeamBG's Weapons for EET

ascension:0:Rewritten Final Chapter of Throne of Bhaal

ascension:10:Balthazar can be redeemed

ascension:30:Improved Imoen-Player Interactions in Throne of Bhaal

ascension:1000:Tougher Abazigal

ascension:1100:Tougher Balthazar

ascension:1200:Tougher Demogorgon

ascension:1300:Tougher Gromnir

ascension:1400:Tougher Illasera

ascension:1500:Tougher Yaga-Shura

ascension:2000:Full-body portrait for Bodhi

BG_Travel:66:Full version of component

c#sb_silber:0:Adalon's Blood - Modification for BGII by Gandalf the white

TOD:0:Tower Of Deception Mod (Requires Throne Of Bhaal)

TOD:1:Improved Astral Shard Guardian

TOD:2:Encounter with Ustrain

DC:0:Dungeon Crawl

backbrynnlaw:0:Back to Brynnlaw mod for Baldur's Gate II

sellswords:0:The Sellswords mod for Baldur's Gate II

reunion:0:The Reunion mod for Baldur's Gate II

TotDG:0:Yes, but don't patch the existing save games

Innershade:0:Yes, but don't patch the existing save games

LensHunt:0:The Broken Lanthorn

SeaTower:0:Balduran's Sea Tower Quests

SeaTower:2:Ghost Knights at Ulcaster

SeaTower:3:Hull's Sword extension

SeaTower:4:Baldur's Gate Arms and Armour Emporium

SeaTower:5:Extra Encounters

WhiteQueen:0:Yes, but don't patch the existing save games

Eilistraee:0:Yes, but don't patch the existing save games

ISNF:0:Colours of Infinity: I Shall Never Forget

fishingfortrouble:0:Core Files: Fishing for Trouble by Yovaneth

fishingfortrouble:1:Optional: Add portraits for 63 major NPCs in Fishing for Trouble

SouthernEdge:0:Yes, but don't patch the existing save games

ooze:0:Ooze's Lounge: a new area under Athkatlan Slums

Azengaard:0:Azengaard Encounter

Azengaard:1:Enhanced Trademeet Crypt

magestronghold_eet:0:Expanded Mage Stronghold EET

itemupgrade:10:Revised Version (new upgrades presented in the same style as existing upgrades)

itemupgrade:11:Revised Version (new upgrades presented in the same style as existing upgrades)

itemupgrade:12:Install supplemental Cespenar audio for Item Upgrade

ctb:0:Check The Bodies

ctb:1:Candlekeep Chores

ctb:2:Candlekeep Chores Fast Forward (for CtB v2.2 or later)

ctb:3:Other Improvements


1Sylm-setup:0:Sylmar - Elves vs Orcs

tb#quest:2:A large battle

tb#quest:3:Underdark Mage Duel

BG2eeW:0:TeamBG's Weapons Pack for BG2:EE Version 1.01

BG2eeAR:0:TeamBG's Armors for BG:EE, BGT and TuTu Version 1.05

rolles:0:Rolles Safyer

rolles:10:Bag of Holding in Irenicus Dungeon

lucy:0:Lucy the Wyvern

ub:0:The Kidnapping of Boo by Cliffette

ub:1:The Suna Seni/Valygar Relationship

ub:2:Kalah and What He Was Promised

ub:4:Gorje Hilldark and the Extended Illithium Quest

ub:5:The Pai'Na/Spider's Bane Quest

ub:6:Restored Crooked Crane Inn

ub:7:Restored Encounters

ub:9:Corrected "Xzar's Creations"

ub:10:Restored Hell Minions, by SimDing0

ub:12:Item Restorations

ub:13:Yoshimo's Original Portrait

ub:14:Anomen's Original Portrait

ub:15:NPC Portrait Restorations

ub:17:Corrected Character Names and Biographies

ub:18:Restored Minor Dialogs

ub:20:Extended ToB Item Descriptions

ub:21:Throne of Bhaal Minor Restorations

ub:24:Sarevok's Remorse

ub:25:The Murder of Acton Balthis, by Kulyok

g3anniversary:0:The Gibberlings Three Anniversary Mod

fadingpromises:0:Fading Promises

d0questpack:4:With Additional Random Encounters

d0questpack:5:Additional Shadow Thieves Content

d0questpack:6:Alternative Harper/Xzar Plot

d0questpack:7:Extended Reynald Sequence

d0questpack:9:Rahul Kanakia's Potion Quest

d0questpack:11:IO2 Dialogue & Combat Enhancement

d0questpack:13:Saving Sanik In Brynnlaw

d0questpack:14:Burglary Of The Bookkeeper

d0questpack:15:New Fate For The Dryads' Acorns

d0questpack:16:The Tragedy Of Besamen

d0questpack:18:Sending The Solamnic Knights Home

d0questpack:19:Nazariel The Lich

d0questpack:20:Reward Negotiation

d0questpack:21:Infernal Thievery

A7-TestYourMettle:0:Test Your Mettle!

spell_rev:0:Spell Revisions

spell_rev:10:Deva and Planetar Animations

spell_rev:20:Mirror Image Fix

spell_rev:30:Dispel Magic Fix

spell_rev:60:Update Spellbooks of Joinable NPCs

simularcum_fix:0:Simularcum Fix

Unofficial Item Pack:0:Unofficial Item Pack

Unofficial Item Pack:1:Scarlet Katana

Unofficial Item Pack:2:Gourmet from Underdark

Unofficial Item Pack:3:Holy symbols

Unofficial Item Pack:4:New Items

Unofficial Item Pack:6:Better archery shop

Unofficial Item Pack:7:Reworked free action

A7-TotLM-BG2EE:0:Trials of the Luremaster for BG2:EE

d5_random_tweaks:2105:Tweak Color Spray

d5_random_tweaks:2108:Tweak Protection from Petrification

d5_random_tweaks:1151:Tweak Sunscorch

d5_random_tweaks:1152:Tweak Faerie Fire

d5_random_tweaks:2209:Tweak Luck

d5_random_tweaks:2212:Tweak Mirror Image

d5_random_tweaks:2224:Tweak Glitterdust

d5_random_tweaks:1202:Tweak Barkskin

d5_random_tweaks:1251:Tweak Alicorn Lance

d5_random_tweaks:1323:Tweak Exaltation and Spiritual Clarity

d5_random_tweaks:1351:Tweak Moonblade

d5_random_tweaks:2413:Tweak Otiluke's Sphere

d5_random_tweaks:1404:Tweak Neutralize Poison

d5_random_tweaks:2518:Tweak Phantom Blade

d5_random_tweaks:2523:Tweak Sunfire

d5_random_tweaks:1710:Tweak Holy Word

d5_random_tweaks:2811:Tweak Symbol: Fear

d5_random_tweaks:2916:Tweak Shapechange

d5_random_tweaks:2915:Tweak Black Blade of Disaster

d5_random_tweaks:2914:Tweak Energy Drain

d5_random_tweaks:3000:Tweak Spell Weapon APR

d5_random_tweaks:3010:Tweak the Ring of Danger Sense

d5_random_tweaks:3020:Tweak the Gloves of Missile Snaring

d5_random_tweaks:3030:Tweak Detonating Weapons

d5_random_tweaks:3040:Tweak 'Skin of the Forest' Armor

d5_random_tweaks:4010:Tweak Vampires and Level Drain

d5_random_tweaks:4020:Tweak Monster Stats

HouseTweaks:5:House Tweaks: Increased Constitution Bonuses

HouseTweaks:6:House Tweaks: Warrior HLAs

HouseTweaks:16:House Tweaks: Hoodless Thief Avatars

cdtweaks:40:Change Viconia's Skin Color to Dark Blue

cdtweaks:50:Avatar Morphing Script

cdtweaks:60:Weapon Animation Tweaks

cdtweaks:70:Icewind Dale Casting Graphics (Andyr)

cdtweaks:90:Disable Portrait Icons Added by Equipped Items

cdtweaks:110:Icon Improvements

cdtweaks:130:Force All Dialogue to Pause Game

cdtweaks:140:Fix Boo's Squeak

cdtweaks:160:Make Magic Shields Glow (plainab/grogerson)

cdtweaks:170:Unique Icons

cdtweaks:182:Unique icons and names

cdtweaks:200:Remove Blur Effect from Items, e.g. Cloack of Displacement

cdtweaks:2010:Separate Resist Fire/Cold Icon into Separate Icons (Angel)

cdtweaks:1010:More Interjections

cdtweaks:1020:Alter HP Triggers for NPC Wounded Dialogues

cdtweaks:1036:All of Cloakwood Except the Mines

cdtweaks:1040:Improved Athkatlan City Guard

cdtweaks:1070:Improved Multi-Player Kick-out Dialogues

cdtweaks:1075:Send BioWare NPCs to an Inn (DavidW/Zed Nocear)

cdtweaks:1080:Add Bags of Holding

cdtweaks:1090:Exotic Item Pack

cdtweaks:1101:Do Not Reveal City Maps When Entering Area

cdtweaks:1120:Stores Sell Higher Stacks of Items

cdtweaks:1160:No Restrictions (Baldurdash)

cdtweaks:1220:Allow Cromwell to Upgrade Watcher's Keep Items

cdtweaks:1225:Instant forging (original BG2 default)

cdtweaks:1230:Allow Cespenar to Use Cromwell Recipes

cdtweaks:1270:Change Cloakwood Mine Chapter End Change Trigger to Non-TotSC Behavior (plainab) (BETA)

cdtweaks:1290:NPCs respond to the main character, not to whichever character talks to them

cdtweaks:1330:NPCs Cannot Use Doors

cdtweaks:2040:Universal Clubs

cdtweaks:2060:Weapon Styles for All

cdtweaks:2090:Remove Experience Cap

cdtweaks:2151:No Restrictions

cdtweaks:2161:BG-Style Weapon Proficiencies, With Weapon Styles (the bigg)

cdtweaks:2170:Cast Spells from Scrolls (and Other Items) at Character Level

cdtweaks:2200:Multi-Class Grandmastery (Weimer)

cdtweaks:2210:True Grandmastery (Baldurdash)

cdtweaks:2220:Change Magically Created Weapons to Zero Weight

cdtweaks:2230:Make +x/+y Weapons Consistent

cdtweaks:2231:Description Updates for Make +x/+y Weapons Consistent Component

cdtweaks:2240:Un-Nerfed THAC0 Table

cdtweaks:2250:Un-Nerfed Sorcerer Spell Progression Table

cdtweaks:2260:Un-Nerfed Table (Blucher)

cdtweaks:2270:Un-Nerfed Table (Blucher)

cdtweaks:2280:Un-Nerfed Table (Blucher)

cdtweaks:2290:No Level Progression Changes, Un-Nerfed Druid Spell Table Only (Blucher)

cdtweaks:2300:Triple-Class HLA Tables

cdtweaks:2330:Remove Delay for Magical Traps (Ardanis/GeN1e)

cdtweaks:2339:Remove Summoning Cap for Regular Summons

cdtweaks:2340:Remove Summoning Cap for Celestials (Ardanis/GeN1e)

cdtweaks:2357:Install options one and two (everyone can multiclass anything)

cdtweaks:2360:Remove Racial Restrictions for Single Classes

cdtweaks:2371:Allow non-humans to dual-class

cdtweaks:2380:Remove Racial Restrictions for Kits

cdtweaks:2390:Paladins Use Icewind Dale-Heart of Winter Spell Tables (grogerson)

cdtweaks:2400:Rangers Use Icewind Dale-Heart of Winter Spell Tables (grogerson)

cdtweaks:2410:Druids Use 3E Alignment Restrictions

cdtweaks:2440:Everyone Gets Bonus APR from Specialization

cdtweaks:2500:Exceptional Strength Weight Limit Changes

cdtweaks:2530:Lightning Bolts Don't Bounce (Angel)

cdtweaks:2540:Speed Up de'Arnise Keep Stronghold Quests

cdtweaks:2999:Max HP at Level One


cdtweaks:3008:Allow HP Rolls Through Level 20 (Angel)

cdtweaks:3010:For All Creatures in Game

cdtweaks:3031:100% Learn Spells and No Maximum Cap

cdtweaks:3050:Remove fatigue from restoration spells

cdtweaks:3060:Remove "You Must Gather Your Party..." Sound (Weimer)

cdtweaks:3083:Stacks of 120

cdtweaks:3092:Stacks of 80

cdtweaks:3102:Stacks of 80

cdtweaks:3112:Stacks of 80

cdtweaks:3123:NPCs Don't Fight

cdtweaks:3150:Remove animation from the Cloak of Mirroring (leave it for other spells and effects that use the same graphic)

cdtweaks:3170:No Drow Avatars On Party In Underdark

cdtweaks:3200:Sellable Items (Icelus)

cdtweaks:3205:Stores Purchase All Item Types

cdtweaks:3230:Taerom Makes Additional Ankheg Armor (Icendoan/grogerson)

cdtweaks:3280:Give Every Class/Kit Four Weapon Slots

cdtweaks:3290:Use scheme: 000000000-Protagonist-Save-Name

cdtweaks:3310:Start New Games with Party AI Turned Off

cdtweaks:3320:No Depreciation in Stores

cdtweaks:3330:Make party members less likely to die irreversibly

cdtweaks:3340:By 50 percent

cdtweaks:4010:Improved Fate Spirit Summoning

cdtweaks:4020:ToB-Style NPCs

cdtweaks:4025:Allow NPC pairs to separate

cdtweaks:4061:Use BG2 Values

cdtweaks:4150:Move Boo into Minsc's pack

cdtweaks:4170:Ensure Shar-Teel doesn't die in the original challenge

cdtweaks:4140:Don't Auto-Assign Advanced AI Scripting to Party

METweaks:400:Remove the limit of two proficiency points in a weapon at character creation

METweaks:810:Both Clerics and Monks

METweaks:1500:Turn Paladin Detect Evil into a passive ability that can be toggled on and off

METweaks:2600:No Party Required area transitions

EET_end:0:Standard installation

stratagems:3580:Restoration and Lesser Restoration spells heal ability-score damage

stratagems:4000:Faster Bears

stratagems:4100:Improved NPC customisation and management

stratagems:4145:Remove the tutorial NPCs from Candlekeep

stratagems:4190:Make Watchers' Keep accessible between SoA and ToB (warning: this will make it inaccessible until the end of SoA)

stratagems:4250:Make spell sequencers and contingencies into innate abilities

stratagems:5900:Initialise AI components (required for all tactical and AI components)

stratagems:6000:Smarter general AI

stratagems:6010:Better calls for help

stratagems:6030:Smarter Mages

stratagems:6040:Smarter Priests

stratagems:6100:Potions for NPCs

stratagems:6200:Improved Spiders

stratagems:6300:Smarter sirines and dryads

stratagems:6310:Slightly smarter carrion crawlers

stratagems:6510:Improved fiends and celestials

stratagems:6520:Smarter genies

stratagems:6540:Smarter dragons

stratagems:6550:Smarter beholders

stratagems:6560:Smarter mind flayers

stratagems:6570:Smarter githyanki

stratagems:6580:Improved Vampires

stratagems:6800:Smarter Illasera

stratagems:6810:Smarter Gromnir

stratagems:6820:Smarter Yaga-Shura

stratagems:6830:Smarter Abazigal

stratagems:6840:Ascension versions of Irenicus and Sendai use SCS abilities and AI

stratagems:6850:Ascension demons use SCS abilities and AI

stratagems:7000:Improved doppelgangers

stratagems:7010:Tougher Black Talons and Iron Throne guards

stratagems:7030:Improved kobolds

stratagems:7040:Relocated bounty hunters

stratagems:7050:Improved Ulcaster

stratagems:7060:Improved Balduran's Isle

stratagems:7070:Improved Durlag's Tower

stratagems:7080:Improved Demon Cultists

stratagems:7090:Improved Cloakwood Druids

stratagems:7100:Improved Bassilus

stratagems:7110:Improved Drasus party

stratagems:7130:Improved Red Wizards

stratagems:7140:Improved Undercity assassins

stratagems:7200:Tougher chapter-two end battle

stratagems:7210:Tougher chapter-three end battle

stratagems:7220:Tougher chapter-four end battle

stratagems:7250:Improved final battle

stratagems:7900:Improved minor encounters

stratagems:8000:Make the starting dungeon slightly harder

stratagems:8010:Improved Shade Lord

stratagems:8020:Spellcasting Demiliches

stratagems:8040:Tie difficulty of level-dependent monster groupings to the difficulty slider

stratagems:8050:Improved Random Encounters

stratagems:8060:Improved de'Arnise Keep ("Tactics Remix")

stratagems:8070:Improved Unseeing Eye

stratagems:8080:Improved Bodhi

stratagems:8085:Ascension version of Bodhi uses Improved-Bodhi abilities

stratagems:8100:Improved battle with Irenicus in Spellhold

stratagems:8110:Improved Sahuagin

stratagems:8120:Improved Beholder hive

stratagems:8140:Improved Drow

stratagems:8150:Improved Watcher's Keep

stratagems:8160:Improved Fire Giant temple

stratagems:8170:Improved Sendai's Enclave

stratagems:8180:Improved Abazigal's Lair

stratagems:8190:Improved Minor Encounters

atweaks:101:Prevent skeletal and incorporeal undead from being affected by Illithids' Devour Brain attack

atweaks:102:Change Spiritual Hammer into a ranged force weapon

atweaks:103:Allow Dispel/Remove Magic to take down Globes of Invulnerability

atweaks:104:PnP Color Spray

atweaks:105:PnP Dimension Door

atweaks:110:Magical arrows and bolts deal bonus damage equal to their enchantment level

atweaks:120:Restore innate disease immunity to Paladins

atweaks:160:PnP Undead

atweaks:180:PnP Mephits

atweaks:190:PnP Elementals

atweaks:191:Increase the Hit Dice of Elemental Princes

atweaks:201:Instant casting for warrior innates

atweaks:210:Restore the Dispel Magic vulnerability to Nishruu and Hakeashars

atweaks:310:Distinctive creature coloring

atweaks:500:Use the recommended storage capacity value (999)

klatu:2110:Treat all Innate Abilities as Non-Magical (Unaffected by Wild/Dead Magic and Silence)

klatu:2170:Reputation has no Effect on Store Prices

EET_Tweaks:3000:Disable hostile reaction after charm

EET_Tweaks:4040:Import party items to SoA

EET_Tweaks:4050:Books/Scrolls categorization

EET_Tweaks:4060:Wand Case

EET_Tweaks:4070:Key Ring

b!tweak_lite:2:Traveler's Stone

b!tweak_lite:3:Sensible weapon restrictions (based on Ghreyfain's Ashes of Embers)

b!tweak_lite:6:Flexible alignment restrictions for paladins and druids

b!tweak_lite:7:All classes may achieve Grand Mastery (5 stars)

iiSpellSystemAdjustments:0:Arcane Spell Refreshment

iiSpellSystemAdjustments:1:Divine Spell Refreshment

nogameover:100:Game Over Only On Party Death

bp-bgt-worldmap:0:Worldmap for Baldur's Gate - including colored Baldur's Gate map icons

bp-bgt-worldmap:1:Use new Worldmap for Throne of Bhaal as well

PPE:0:Portraits Portraits Everywhere (PPE) - core component


PPE:10:Isandir's CHARNAME Portraits

PPE:20:Replace Low Quality TOB & SOA Portraits

PPE:30:Ust Natha Drow NPCs

Lots of tweaks, some risky dated stuff, and the big mega mods, in short.

First a comment or two: "The Grey Clan" worked perfectly on EET, though it seems to be marked as BGEE only. "No Game Over" doesn't work. "iiSpelSystem Adjustments", the spell refresh component, works perfectly, even with AI turned ON (couldn't do that in BGT version).

Now for the interesting parts:

I experience ctd's in certain areas of BG1 which, in time, are resolved (some).

1. Entering the Xvart Village from the west caused a repeated ctd. After clearing the Gnoll SHD I entered the same map from the east, and experienced no ctd, though I explored every inch.

2. Umberlee temple area in City. Can't approach the temple (SW corner of map) without ctd. (Something to do with Mod: Sea Tower vs. bgqe:12:Legal Sea Charts Sources & bgqe:13:Additions to the Lady's Hall and the Bitch Queen's Temple ??)

3. Durlag's Tower: (this is just strange) Outside area, when I approach the first little bridge to encounter the Battle Horrors, there is a ctd. I CLUAed to the Basement, went outside to speak to Ike, cleared the battlements of enemies, completed the dungeon. Then went back outside, and encountered the dopples + horrors no problem. Again, I could go anywhere without a ctd.

4. The same map used for The Citadel quest in DSotSC, i.e. Durlag, crashes in exactly the same place. I don't have the area codes for this quest so I can't CLUA into the structure for a possible repeat of 3 above.

If anyone has encountered/solved these problems, I would like to hear about it.

Meanwhile, to you modders out there, past, present, and future... Respect.

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1 hour ago, Ruhn said:

2. Umberlee temple area in City. Can't approach the temple (SW corner of map) without ctd. (Something to do with Mod: Sea Tower vs. bgqe:12:Legal Sea Charts Sources & bgqe:13:Additions to the Lady's Hall and the Bitch Queen's Temple ??)

bgqe does nothing with the Docks or temple area(s), so you can rule that out as the cause.

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