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quicksave bug (EDIT: was a different mod!)

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EDIT: Was *not* caused by this mod.



I recently installed SOD during a playthrough of BGEE (~70 hours in). I had Romantic Encounters installed. I installed DLC Merger, then reinstalled RE.

Now whenever I quicksave, I get a new save file that looks like the name is generated from dialogue (from RE?): "I am planning on seeing four corners of the world, but no matter if I go South or North, East or West, I doubt that I would find anyone more beautiful than you, CHARNAME."

After this save file is generated via the quicksave key, if I quicksave again I get a pop-up telling me that I don't have available file space to save. I guessed that this was due to the long file name, so I delete the quicksave file...then I'm able to quicksave again, but it just regenerates the same file name.

Any ideas on what's going on?

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This isn't a bug I've seen before, but I doubt it's related to the mod per se. As it is, installing SoD mid-playthrough will generate a separate and new install of BGEE+SoD. Doing this and attempting to carry on with your old save sounds like it's almost guaranteed to cause problems. My best guess is that your installation process scrambled parts of the dialog.tlk file so that the generated save names come out wrong; in this case with text from this particular mod, but if you had other mods installed it could likely have been from any one of them. From there, I believe your guess about the long save names causing problems is correct.

If everything else seems to work fine in your game, maybe this can be worked around by editing the dialog entries involved (or possibly by uninstalling the mod). If there's other kinds of weird behaviour, I'd recommend finishing your original BGEE game, then installing SoD, starting a new SoD game and importing your character from BGEE.

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Thanks for the reply!

"I'd recommend finishing your original BGEE game, then installing SoD, starting a new SoD game and importing your character from BGEE"

This was *exactly* my intention all along. After enough experience with mods and save games, I knew that problems could arise doing it any other way. Sadly, I didn't realize that just purchasing SOD on Steam meant that it would immediately install to BGEE. No install options, no pop-up, no warning at all. I'd assumed it would be a completely separate entity. I don't see how it's possible to prevent SOD from installing once it's purchased...and too late anyway now. Oh well.

Thanks again for the advice. I'll look through the dialog.tk file.

EDIT: What if I unchecked the SOD DLC in Steam and disabled it until after Sarevok is dead? Do you think that would work?

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Please edit the topic title. This problem is not related to this mod.

On 8/14/2020 at 1:45 AM, taurus1942 said:

What if I unchecked the SOD DLC in Steam and disabled it until after Sarevok is dead? Do you think that would work?

If you set up a clean BG:EE (without SoD) install and reinstall bg1re (i.e. the exact install you had before installing SoD) you probably have the best chances of being able to contine with your BG:EE saves (from before installing SoD).

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