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No my friend, you're still referring to something else, that's not my question.

Don't worry yourself anymore -- I'll wait for a reply from a moderator.

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21 hours ago, Azazello said:

Separate issue, not cosmetic, may been reported elsewhere, point me to the link if it has--- when did some threads start getting Archived?? That was not a thing in the past.

e.g. Conflict with cleric and druid HLA tables from Refinements - Divine Remix - The Gibberlings Three

What's the policy about when that happens?

I'm not sure.  This is the first instance I've seen.  It may have happened a really long time ago during one of our hosting moves.  I know there is an option available to admins to archive posts older than a certain date, but I don't think we've ever used it.  I think archiving posts prevents them appearing in searches, which I don't like.

Moderators have a separate tool available called locking and unlocking topics that we can use if we want intentionally prevent further replies.

21 hours ago, Azazello said:

Can moderators UnArchive threads?

Yes, we can.


Edit/Update: Turns out that the new forum update got rid of the manual archiving feature that existed previously, and replaced it with an automated one that archives tons of old topics.  Hooray!  I've put in a support request to see what they can do about that.  I loathe when updates make the experience worse.

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Cheers, thanks for checking. I knew something was strange, G3 Powers wouldn't do something like that without announcing it. Sigh-o'-relief this wasn't done by choice.

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On 8/28/2020 at 8:54 PM, Mike1072 said:

Thanks for the report.  If you have a choice of browsers, does it show up the same on all of them?

Anyone else experiencing the same issue? 

Okay it took me a bit, and also visiting forums for Warframe (hi join my clan), to realize: 1Blocker for iOS treats invision threads with the same fervor as comment elements for like, facebook and such. Turned off content blocking for G3.

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