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53 minutes ago, Guest guest said:

hello Roxanne, nice to see you back in these shores.Couldn't you use your main account, rather than using another?


Hello Guest.

You, or anybody else can adress me only by NiziNizi as my username here. If you want more choices than that, you can also adress me as Ammanda, which is my username at BEW forum, or Ajla which is my real name which I do not hide. I belive that is more than enough choices.

If you miss Roxanne so much, you know where you can contact her.

I understand that confusion about my identity may arise after some of moderators at BeamDog forum placed my name as "accused to be alt account". That is severe abuse of position by some of corrupted moderators who used opportunity to find quick excuse to get rid of a person who disagrees with their (and their friends hiding under their skirts) beliefs/propaganda/crap.

Surely they hoped that they won't have to explain their actions to anyone, but they were very very wrong about it, as I get into contact with BeamDog as company directly, requested contact with someone with greater jurisdiction than forum administrators/moderators, and handled my complaint to full detail, so issue is investigated. I expect sanctions upon corrupt mods who were involved.

I advise this offtopic posts, including my own, to be moved somewhere else from SCS thread. Regarding SCS thread, this is first and last offtopic post from me. I will continue to participate about technical/game details only, as before, if there is need for it.

Last thing, for all others who dream (if there is such users or guests) to hear something like "I'm not person from your delusions/paranoia/schizophrenia" - that is never going to happen. I would rather burn my PC than disgrace myself by explaining myself around to anyone. So, I'm never ever going to press keys on my keyboard in that order. I can only answer to proper administrator/moderator, if there is real reason for it, and if I'm questioned directly and properly.

Apologize for offtopic, my intention here is to help with game further improvements.

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It is not a coincidence that low-level insults come from guest, as person most probably do not have courage and arguments to stand behind its own identity.

Do not worry about me, I easily deal with way more worse kind of persons. Let losers stay in that state, if they can't get better, and move on. I on other hand is having great time with gaming and scripting, and really enjoying it 😉

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if i had to register, I would still call myself guest. And it's not like I entertain myself and the forum readers by making accounts and feigning talking between them. Or asking technical questions. Or endorsing my own mods,



The fact that you were classy in the first post made me doubt a second you were Roxanne.

But after the second post, I would bet on it.


oh and by the way... let  us know if beamdog unbans you 

or should i say let us know. 



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You are totally right.

This will be my last post on these shores.

If someone says it's Guest, it's not gonna be me.

If someone register as guest, it's not me either.

I would like to avoid being impersonated by liars. Not that I have a fame to protect...


Anyway, good job on still allowing multiaccounts to exist on a forum. Beamdog moderation is criticized, but you can bet on the fact that if you use a multi you get banished in a couple of days.

And you even had the gut to tell me that I cannot have this idea if I'm publishing as a guest.


By the way, for the people that are on the reddit of Bg. There are at least three accounts of Roxanne there, so if you value truth, you would better not post there.

I'm becoming so disgusted with the whole multiaccount stuff that nowadays if I see one i quit the forum. Happy talking with multiaccounts!

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@You leaving because of one user that the staff can't really do anything about because avoiding bans of any kind of is laughably easy: Okay.

Identifying and disabling active sock puppets is one thing, but there is usually very little point in removing the puppeteer altogether since they'll just come up with new identities that you haven't yet identified regardless.

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57 minutes ago, Guest Guest said:

By the way, for the people that are on the reddit of Bg. There are at least three accounts of Roxanne there, so if you value truth, you would better not post there.

True but they are always easy to spot since every 3 messages the clones have to talk about its install tool while upvoting themselves and downvoting the dissenters. As a normal user the only solution is just to block those users and move on.

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