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NPC Profile - Zakrion


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                   image.png                              image.png.0e7e5a769f30b639407b1ddcf7f6c4c7.png

(Default Portrait by ErisForan, edited by LavaDelVortel)            (Alt 1 Portrait by Nyaka-N)

*To view the original portraits of Zakrion, please visit the artist's page.


Zakrion Dessani - "Life is a series of obstacles. Try not to fall over them."



When asked about his past, ZAKRION smiles calmly at you and says that he was a son of a ship captain.  He fondly relays a time where he would stand atop the ship and smell the salty sea breeze. He falls silent for a moment but neither his eyes nor his voice betrays him as he blatantly speaks of his father's ship being taken by pirates. Ever since then, he was named the next captain for the survivors of the invasion until his own ship wreckage where he lost his entire crew and left him as the sole survivor.



Race - Human

Class - Duelist

Alignment - True Neutral

Strength - 16

Dexterity - 17

Constitution - 15

Intelligence - 10

Wisdom - 12

Charisma - 14

Proficiencies - Two-Weapon Style, Short Sword, Long Sword

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On 9/10/2020 at 7:28 AM, Guest FAN said:

Congrats for the release.
Would you kindly add crossmod content for all your npc mods and Angelo? 

Thank you! 

I definitely plan on adding crossmod content with other NPC mods after I complete and release content for SoA and ToB. :)

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On 9/12/2020 at 12:56 PM, jastey said:

Will you make it a continuous cre file like it is done in EET for the canon NPCs?

I haven't personally delved into EET, so I didn't know that the canon NPCs have a continuous cre file there. I think that might be something I could look into when I add the EET component for him.

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You just need two spawn script blocks: one that creates the SoA cre in case he was never in party/new game, and one that uses MoveGlobal in case it
is a continuous game. The most important thing is that you stick to the same script name / death variable, because that cannot be changed ingame. That's what all the "split" mod NPCs lack, they use a different DV in BGII and therefore cannot offer a continuous cre (Gavin, Ajantis, I think also Isra, Sirene etc.). For Ajantis at least I realized continuity story-wise, especially with regard to romance status, but he has different stats when he returns in BGII and that could only be fixed by rescripting the whole mod to use the BG1 DV.

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