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Geomantic Sorcerer Kit Balancing and SCS

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I am working on a refresh of my Geomantic Sorcerer and am considering giving it a balancing pass.  It is basically a Sorcerer kit with a penalty to its physical stats and casting speed.  In return it gets some druid style polymorph and several druid spells including a few custom spells (wave spray, Summon Shambling Mound, and Tornado).

At high level it gets a bunch of custom HLAs, both passive and as spells.

I would be much obliged if you could take a look at the descriptions in the readme and give me you hot takes on which abilities are problematic from SCS balance perspectives (including abilities that won't play nice with the SCS Ai)


I am personally not all that concerned about the Geomantic Sorcerer getting access to already existing cleric and druid spells, that isn't really doing a lot more than what the mage cleric or ranger cleric already allows.  The character will be versatile,  but still limited by their action economy. 

It is more the HLAs, both passive immunities and granted abilities that I suspect will cause problems.  Still, feel free to let me know either way.  

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The kit has been around for a long time and works pretty well in the current version 7, though some may find the various HLAs it offers unbalancing.  I'm going to come back to rebalancing the kit at a later date, but don't hold your breath for the meantime, since it has fallen down my priority list at the moment due to other things I have on the go.  The first changes that are going to be made is to the basic shapeshifting system included in the kit.  Changes are going to focus on giving each shapeshift more of a niche.  Balancing the HLAs will come later, and I'll do a first pass before trying to get other people to do my work for me (like I did in the OP here).

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Yeah, I realized that I needed some more thorough playtesting/looking at all the pieces and present something closer to what I'm looking to change to you to get any feedback on types of abilities/immunities that are likely to cause problems. 

My timeline for this is "next half year" or so though, since I'm just starting a big playthrough (once I get a stable install) and my time is already divided too many ways.

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