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some precisions please…

Prof Errata

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Well, before to begin a new BG2ToB game, I need to know some precisions about GemRB :

- Should the BG2 Fixpack be placed AFTER GemRB or before ?

- Is TobEX now useless - no need to install it now -  indeed even incompatible with GemRB ? And is TobEX the only mod that modify precisely the executable ?

Thank you by advance for your responses.

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I need other precisions now : would these modifications have to be placed BEFORE the install of GemRB, or could function AFTER the install ? Thank you for your response.

*    simplified “concentration” ala ToBEx — just set SimplifiedDisruption=1 in gemrb.ini

*    game is not over if protagonist dies (only if the whole party does)
in gemrb/GUIScripts/bg*/MessageWindow.py change protagonist mode from 1 to 2 (GemRB.GameSetProtagonistMode(2))

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…Well I'm going to become crazy…so, HAVE THE 2 MODIFIED LINES TO BE SET BEFORE THE INSTALL OF GEMRB ? I'm on Windows 10. And if I wish to play to BG2 - E:\Baldurs Gate II in my case - , I have to activate gemrb.exe instead of bgmain.exe this time ? Thank you by advance.

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Well, after a sleepless night - and some cups of tea… - I have finally understood how to work exactly GemRB, here in Windows 10 : it's not a mod by itself, but a new engine which have to be activated each time you wish to start a new game - in my case BG2ToB - with gemrb.exe, so the 2 modified lines I wished to set have to be set before of course. I think these details would have to be more precise in the GemRB install section for the neophyte players like myself, it could be useful in the future. What have surprised me the most is the continuous scrolling of GemRB during the game.

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