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Detonation not blocked by Chaotic Commands

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I am trying to clear the illithid city with a decently leveled party ( ~ 3 million xp). I thought that chaotic commands would protect against the detonation ability that mind flayers have, but it still does full damage despite my whole party being protected with it. The Greenstone amulet and the brine potions don't defend against it either.  Is this a bug, or intended SCS behavior?

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Of course it isn't, why would it be?

Chaotic Commands protect from mind control;  conceptually, psionic powers originate from the mind but don't necessarily affect it, detonate blows up solid things. Same applies to the amulet.

Protection from Magic Energy will block the damage from Detonate (...it's another spell that does more than it should, much like Chaotic Commands). Stoneskin or Mirror Image will absorb Ballistic Attacks, which are usually even more of a threat.

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