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One of the portraits

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Well, my main concern is the manly stubble, rather than the sword, since he does have a star in long swords, but elves do not grow beards :bday: The facial expression and colouring is good though.

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The stubble can be color faded to be removed and give the impression of pores. The only problem I have with the coloring is the cloak, it's gold and Kivan's old portrait had him wearing green, plus his paper doll clothing color is green.


You are right though it is very good and the facial expression is great.

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His original portrait is swamp-green with brown trim, so earthly colours to ochre should be OK - let us say it's the brighter southern sun of Amn. Actually, it is not a cloak, it is a chain helmet, I think, so it works for me.


I blurred the stubble and elvenized a bit (I know, I am horrid at PS):



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Is he travelling through a wormhole or are these slanted eyes? I like this portrait anyhow.


Did he send you the bigger versions?

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Well, I am quoting by memory, but the Complete Book of Elves states something like this: elven eyes are larger, wider set and slanted compared to humans'. It gives them wider field of vision, and generally keener sight.


With FR's usual attention to realism and detail, that might be totally untrue, but when I draw elves, I tend to go to extremes. Almond-shaped, yeah, right - I go 45 degrees... Same with angularity of features - I go gaunt. You should have seen my Lan from WoT. He looks like he had not eaten for days. The only thing I do in moderation is the pointeness of the ears.


No, Herd have not sent me the larger versions, but I am pretty sure that i would not be able to edit without destroying. I wish XVIII was around. :bday:

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How do you imagine him? Bald, balding, hair tied back, red, black, brown hair...with or without tattoo's?


Is it odd in FR for elves to have tattoo's? I guess they are not like Tolkien's elves at all!


The image is a lot clearer in the large version, he kind of looks a bit grumpy without the tattoo's...or that could have been me and PS!

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Remeber, you asked for it!


FR elves, especially wild elves (and that's what Kivan most probably is, coming from Shilmista) are quite different from Tolkien's - they are much closer to nature and have rather vivid, often rather scant costumes with feathers, beads, tatoos etc... But that's at repose.


Kivan, in my mind's eyes will be something like this:


Lean, lithe, long-limbed, tall for an elf. Black thick hair in lazy ringlets, one run-away strand always falls into his eyes, but usually plaited back. Prominent but thin features, probaly long nose (ok, the original did have a long nose!). Black liquid-jet slanted eyes, almost feverish with ye what-do-men-need-them-for long dark eyelashes. Two silver earrings in one ear. Braided leather hairband. No permanent tatoos, but warpaint in any fashion.


Short-sleaved overcoat with wide sleaves, trimmed with vine-and- embroidery over the long-sleeved roughspun shirt; boiled leather jacket. Bracers. Dark gloves. Hands and body scared, might have unnatural skin colour on one of his hands that was burned (his face should be theoretically scarred as well, but that would be such a waste!); relatively lose breeches, soft knee-high boots.


Swordbelt with long sword strapped to his waist. Tall and thick bowstaff from almost white wood. I like the idea of a chainmail helmet, actually with a gorget, perhaps, or, possibly, a half-helm.


Dark, most probably brown cloak.

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I blurred the stubble and elvenized a bit
I think his face is allright if you change the "angle" like you did, but what looks "wrong" to me is the direction of his right eye (to be seen left if looked at him). It is currently pointing somehow to the side, like the eye of a chameleon. If the iris and pupil would be a bit "lower", more facing straight front (if you know what I mean...), his face would look less twisted, IMO. :bday:


@Rabain: I like your portrait, if not necessarily for Kivan. :D

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I think that placing the iris and pupil it is one of the reasons why people who do lifted eyes on the elves often just fill the eyes with shining colour, as opposite to the struture. I myself rather not mess with the picture - I have too little skill. Herd actually did a couple of reedits so I hope I will get one or two of his finals iven if the eyes won't be as slanted as I imagine them in favour of the better image :bday:

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