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One of the portraits

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Could you possibly be more desciptive in how you envision him being Domi, I don't think I got a clear enough picture.


I see him as ..... damn I just lost my mind (literally or figuratively, you get to pick)





This has been 6 seconds of you life you never get back


Sorry I am in a wierd mood today :bday:

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Here are two more edits I've done based off the original Kivan face from BG1 with aim towards the description Domi gave earlier:





i could have a go at editing the portrait above with the gold sword if you'd like to say what you would change about it.

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But the forehead, cheeks, and chin need more detail/imperfections, while there is a little color variance, they are to "clean"/"painted" and it makes the portrait seem alot less realistic.


They rest of it is great and I would prefer it over the golden guy with a sword one.

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I've been browsing your forum, and stumbled upon Rabain's edit (not the red-head, the second one.) Very nice, Kivan without a hood...



Ah, completely incidentally... could you please explain me this trick with portraits and override directory you talked about earlier? So Kivan's(or somebody else's) original picture will not be overwritten? Does it basically require placing a copy into the mod folder, or there is a more elegant way?

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