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I4E v5(Beta) with SoD content and new optional components structure!

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Imoen4Ever updates to v5! Because of the new content and the changed components structure with more optional choices the mod package will have a beta tag until I get more feedback and bug reports.

Version 5 comes with SoD content: Imoen will rejoin the group at the first camp after marching out against the crusade. Just leave the camp via the road in northeast direction and Imoen will appear and ask to be taken back into the group. After that, she will be available as a normal joinable NPC until after the PC's fall at the end of teh game where the original game content will kick in again.

The changes to her dialogue after the poison attack was moved into an optional component, as well.

New content is also the possibility to chose Imoen's BG1 or SoD portraits in SoD, make her a continuous NPC in all of SoD (including the end), and seeing the "Imoen trains with Duke Jannath" scene from the scrying pool as a separate cutscene when the PC sets out against the crusade.

Version 5 also comes with non-destructive disabling of Imoen-related reply options. Thank you very much to @argent77 for the coding help!

The mod has now 12 components, 5 for BGII and 7 for SoD. For detailed descriptions, please refer to the readme directly:

  1. I4E in BGII: Imoen Returns after Talking to Gaelan in Chapter 2 (required for BGII content)
  2. I4E in BGII: Give Imoen Dialogue Content in SoA
  3. I4E in BGII: Yoshimo Comes to Brynnlaw
  4. I4E in BGII: Give Imoen Protection Spell in Chapters 2 & 3
  5. I4E in BGII: Compatibility with Alternatives and Saerileth (note: this component should be installed after the Alternatives and/or Saerileth mods.)
  6. I4E in SoD: Imoen Remains in Group in Korlasz' Dungeon (this or component 7 is required for other SoD content)
  7. I4E in SoD: Imoen Returns to PC in First Coalition Camp (bd1000) (this or component 6 is required for other SoD content)
  8. I4E in SoD: Imoen Gives Better Reason to Stay Behind in Palace
  9. I4E in SoD: Play Cutscene With Imoen and Duke Jannath
  10. I4E in SoD: Give Imoen Dialogue Content in SoD Chapters 8-12
  11. I4E in SoD: Imoen at the End of the Game Should be the One that Was in Party (SoD Only)
  12. I4E in SoD: Unify Imoen's Portrait:
    1. Use Imoen's SoD Portrait after Korlasz' Crypt
    2. Use Imoen's BG1 Portrait in all of SoD
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Great stuff! I seriously consider switching Imoen in Stone for Imoen 4Ever in my delayed EET run, now with more mods compatibility added.


Download link at G3 doesn't seem to work, though.

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No, I4E doesn't interfere with Imoen's class in any way. She remains the same as she was before, only thing is XP boosts for the time out of the group.

EDIT: in case this is a question: the dialogues reflect whether she is a mage or not.

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I don't know if this has been caught, but in bd1000.bcs the following block references the non-existent dialogue file "BDIMOENP".  You probably fixed it already and I'm using an old version (v5 pre) but thought I should mention it anyway just in case.


	!Dead("IMOEN2")  // Imoen
	!InPartyAllowDead("IMOEN2")  // Imoen
		MoveGlobal("bd1000","IMOEN2",[470.3737])  // Imoen
		ReallyForceSpellDeadRES("bdrejuve","IMOEN2")  // No such index
		ChangeEnemyAlly("IMOEN2",NEUTRAL)  // Imoen
		ChangeSpecifics("IMOEN2",ALLIES)  // Imoen



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Good catch, thanks! This will be a problem in case Imoen gets kicked out and moves with the camp to the new locations (bd3000, bd7100).

This will be fixed in the next version.

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