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TokenTxt.2da documentation incorrect

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STRINGT - strref if condition is true (i.e. VALUE < STAT OR VALUE = STAT)
STRINGF - strref if condition is false (i.e. VALUE >= STAT OR VALUE != STAT)

It doesn't take a strref.  It takes a string.  If you put in a strref, you'll just end up with the number being put into the dialogue, not the associated text.

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1 hour ago, lynx said:

That's pretty lame — means you can only use single-word tokens.

You can fake it by using the non-breaking space (U+00A0). It doesn't count as column separator in 2da files.

Typing a non-breaking space can be tricky. On Windows the keyboard shortcut Alt+255 (digits entered on the numeric keypad) might work.

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