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v1.3 update news

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I've been hammering away at the next update, and what I had initially planned to be a minor update is ending up being *much* bigger. So, yes, it will take more time, but I think the end result will be worth it.

I've done a much deeper dive into the new things that SoD brought into the game, and as many times as I've played through the campaign, I'm discovering things in the game files that I never actually found in-game.

So, for a high level preview of things to come (all subject to change):

1. More spells - Both new and brought in from SoD.
2. Enhanced audiovisual effects for the new spells in previous releases.
3. More items imported from SoD.
4. A focus on more unique effects and re-play value.
5. New icons.

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Guest Thehappyfish

Hello? I'm interested in this mod, but I've never used mods for BG before. First, could I get a list of all SOD items this imports into BG2 and their locations please? Also, once the items are introduced into the game does that mean I can summon them with console commands using their item codes from SOD? Thank you for your attention.

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