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SHS: Yeslick NPC for BGII updates to v5.0 with compatibility with Imoen 4 Ever!

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Spellhold Studios


Yeslick NPC for BGII


This mod brings Yeslick from Baldur's Gate to BGII: SoA and ToB, with an extensive variety of banters and interjections, a new kit (Alaghor of Clangeddin) as well as a number of PC dialogues throughout the game. Yeslick is an older dwarf, a devotee of Vergadain, dwarven god of wealth and luck and Clangeddin, dwarven god of war and battle.

He tends to model himself as the father-figure of the group, and can often be found trying to help the party to reach their potential... to mixed results. He has a kind heart and a steady hand, and is loyal to the PC to the end.

Verion 5 comes with fixes, optimization of dialogue triggering, a small tweak to account for the SoD events, and compatibility with Imoen4Ever!


Changelog v5:

- Fixed banter: Yeslick should not banter if the other NPC is not in party; Yeslick should not say first line of the other NPCs.
- Compatibility with Imoen4Ever added.
- Optimized scripting of friendship path: dialogues cannot trigger too early if NPC is klick-talked to.
- Corrected I_C_T2 to I_C_T.
- Disabled part of dialogue about PC leaving BG city as a hero in case SoD happened.


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