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New Player in 2020 and Loving It!


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I know Angelo is crazy old by now and I don't know if Sister Vigilante and kulyok check this forum anymore, but just in case I wanted to post that I have just downloaded this mod for the first time in 2020 (playing BG many times over in quarantine...) and I am loving it! Just about done SoA and about to start ToB and I'm already planning to incorporate Angelo into my future parties as if he were a Bioware NPC. I've seen Sister Vigilante say that there are a lot of things he'd do differently if he were making Angelo now, but I still find him great and am really enjoying the mod!

Just wanted to let you guys know you made a mod that people are still playing/enjoying for the first time. Thank you for putting so much hard work into Angelo!

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Haha, well, I can't remember what I might have said in the past, but there are certainly a few things.

I was young to be voicing Angelo--I was 20 and he's what, pushing 50?--and in spite of the stellar job Kulyok did smoothing out the audio, it does obviously leave something to be desired. But I'm not sure it would have been possible to find somebody else, so that may have been unavoidable.

I'm not crazy about the whole plot with Sawara; it's very trope-heavy and makes Angelo seem a bit more important than someone like him really should be, and this includes its extension into ToB. I spent a semester abroad in Japan shortly after finishing Angelo, which I was looking forward to the whole time I was writing him, and it definitely shows 😅

I was also quite pleased with the character and could be a bit precious with him, and while I don't think he's as egregious an offender as some mod NPCs, it is still probably the case that he gets the better of others a bit more than he should, that the other NPCs are nicer to him than they should be especially given his history, and that the PC doesn't have enough options to criticize him (many of the ones which are there may have been ones that Kulyok suggested I put in).

That being said, I still like the core romance a lot, and some of the talks--especially the later ones--remain among my favorite things that I've written. Also still very happy with the stuff with Sarevok, and a lot of the jokes still make me chuckle. On the whole, he still feels like a real person to me, which I suppose is the highest self-serving compliment I could pay him/me.

Anyway, I hope none of that pierces the suspension of disbelief too much! It is fun for me to talk about and remember, though; and thank you for asking,



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You know, I probably shouldn't ask, but I try anyway.

I like Angelo, but I would not mind at all seeing your tweaks to the dialogues in a revised version.

Give it a thought. I know years have passed, but people keep reinstalling BG and I would bet your mod will be played many and many times again. 

Happy life.

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Angelo: EE😆 It's a thought, to be sure. Given that my main reservation is with the whole Sawara plot, my advice for such an experience might just be not to go see him. As for any tweaks to the bulk of the dialogue, it's an odd truth, at least it seems to me, that writers don't necessarily get better as they get older. I'm not sure I could recapture the feel of the mod if I were to go back to it. That temptation to revisit the past has, I think, without naming names, worked to the detriment of several major franchises recently, let alone my silly little fan mod. I am very flattered that someone would ask, though 🙂

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Giving ourself a chance to see if we can actually improve something is actually cathartic on his own way.

There is no obligation... just a thought to see if we can push something that, in our mind, could turn from good to better.

Good weekend. 

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Guest Magpie

Hello just to heap on some praise in 2021, I remember enjoying the angelo romance mod when i played like a decade ago and i'm now doing a replay and of course this was the first mod I went to download again ;)

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On 1/14/2021 at 2:30 AM, Guest Magpie said:

Hello just to heap on some praise in 2021, I remember enjoying the angelo romance mod when i played like a decade ago and i'm now doing a replay and of course this was the first mod I went to download again ;)

Aww, that's great to hear! ^_^ Thanks so much, and I hope you're enjoying the mod once again.

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