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Better font scaling?


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Hi there,

I have been using GEMRB on GNU/Linux for years now, happily on PC and Raspberry Pi. I have always used it with the SDL2 video plugin and no OpenGL (SDL2 uses OpenGL_ES for image scaling under the hood anyway).


Thing is, is it possible to setup a better font scaling method? I have tried different fonts with the BG games, since they are customizable, but the problem is always the same: letter borders seem "grainy" in an ugly way. It's as if the letters were scaled using nearest instead of linear.I have already changed:




in gemrb/plugins/SDLVideo/SDL20Video.cpp, and things look smooth... except for the text.


So, the problem is not the font (I like the default font) but the scaling method it seems. Maybe fonts need some sub-pixel fixing to look fine as they do in most programs using modern displays? IS that available somehow in GEMRB?

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If you use replacement TTF fonts, Freetype should take care of everything, I think. But if you use window scaling on top, you'll blur everything.

The original fonts are bitmap fonts, so there's not much one can do about scaling performance for them.


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