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Talking Item Interjections


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Is it possible to have a talking item interject into a dlg?


Every single time I’ve coded a talking item to interject into a conversation, the game skips it. I’ve switched between old style to the new style, with going through the WeiDU read-me repeatedly to make sure I was coding the interjection right.


So it’s either I’m coding the talking item’s dlg horribly wrong (very possible) or an item cannot interject.


Even Lilarcor’s dlg doesn’t seem to have any interjections, unless I missed any. O.o


EDIT: ...and I just realized I stuck this in the wrong place. *smacks self*

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I was only trying to do it a few days ago, and I failed misearbly. ICT'ing into the file resulted in only the character's interjections spouting instead of Lilarcor's usual random babbling. Anyway, I ended up redoing the interjections into a bunch of banters with summoning invis CRE.... (sighs) please, let me know if you find a way.


Damn, I guess, I will have to redo Player1 as well...

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Darn... and I wanted to stay away from the invisible monster thing as much as possible.


Thank you for the info, here's hoping I find an easier way.  :bday:


Unless you can interject into the dialogue file that's assigned in ITEMDIAL.2DA (which I don't think will work), then the invisible creature routine is the only way to do it.


If you want to make it easy, INTERJECT with the dialogue of the character wielding the sword, then have it say "Lilacor says...". That's kind of cheesy, though.

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