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Spell casting in Armour...

Guest Cantrip

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Guest Cantrip

Is it possible to create a HLA or a class skill that will reduce spellcasting failure chances.

For instance, when that Character wears Light Armour, it's reduced by 5%, if its Medium Armour and second level skill, then 15% and if its Heavy Armour and third level skill, 25%? dragonoops.gifguerrero2xc.gif

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Do you think it could be done? :bday:


How would you detect what armour people are wearing, for example, and if it is light/medium/heavy?


I guess perhaps you could do it with the HLA setting some variables or a spell that does nothing, and then a script checking the variable/useless spell and then applies a temporary spell decreasing your spell failure chance.


But then, I thought that HasItemEquipped trigger was broken?

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Guest Cantrip
Hmm. I'm not sure I'm reading it right. You want the bonus to vary depending on armour type? How come?


Well, it would make sense that you could never gain perfect spellcasting in armour.

The idea is found in "Saint John's Academy of Abjuration", and their logic is sound:

You can never cast perfectly in armour, so some chance of failure always exists.

Due to the lack of training mages get in armour, they always get the chance to fail...

However, they find it easier to wear leather and cast spells, than, say - Platemail: Therefore, the change in the chance to fail. The more training you get in armoured spellcasting, the more types of armour you can get to their minimum failure chances, but none may be used without any chance to fail(except elven chain).

Obviously, the change in casting in leather armour might be slight, since its not that hard anyway, but the change from casting in Full Plate is far more serious: from barely able to move and wave yor hands, to almost regular casting - hence the greater difference in change.


Whoa, did that ever come out long...

Hope it's understood. 2x25kf.gif

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