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Item Codes

Guest Fishy

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Hiya! I love this mod but could you please tell us the item codes for items that weren't in the original game. I've been looking everywhere for black dragon scales item code :O. The problem there is only Yoshimo can use that armor in my group and he's dead long before I reach Suldanessellar.

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18 hours ago, Guest Shadow Dragon said:

Update: The Shadow Dragon does NOT drop shadow dragon blood. I've killed him repeatedly and no blood; only scales.

Thank you for the feedback, I will check into it and see if I can determine what the issue is.   I can tell you from experience that if you installed this mod and return to a game you previously saved prior to install, things like that can happen.

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Thank you. It would solve everything if you could post a list of the item codes for all of the items you added. That would also let me experiment with all of the different Cromwell recipes. :D

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