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How do I get Weidu 247?

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14 hours ago, Endarire said:

How to fix this?

You don't need to fix it.


Now, this is said with all due respect to alien: Fuck @AL|EN, and the project wee, and the trouble it brings to you when simple things like this change...

A better question is; Do we even need WeiDU v247.00 ? And the answer is: No.

Where do you get one ? It comes with the next release of a mod that MIGHT need it, probably it will not need it though, cause people have a bad habbit of updating the weidu.exe in their mod updates. Then why do people do that ? Because they don't know any better. 


due to missing Weidu 247 in C:\Users\Coran\AppData\Local\Programs\WeiDU.  (246 is there.) 

This is a sign that you have bad habbits... of not installing games/using programs to it's proper place/folders. Cause if you use the C drive on Windows, you SHOULD install the game into here: C:\Users\Coran\Games\BG installfolder\ , and the "Games" folder can also be a translation if you are non- English user. But only if you use the C drive.

Rhetorical question: Then why does the thing then say that you have it missing in the said folder... this is because the AppData is the Windows dump folders that it moves programs that doesn't view as deserving, due to various things. And it's missing because the PI failed to extract the archive that it can't download anymore.

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13 hours ago, Jarno Mikkola said:

You don't need to fix it. Fuck @AL|EN, and the project wee, and the trouble it brings to you when simple things like this change...

It literally requires you to restart the program and get an update, and this is when you decide it a good opportunity to shit on the person providing the tool? Alien should be lauded for taking on an already thankless task, but abusing his effort is a shameful low.

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Like it has been told multiple times, it didn't work after the weidu was updated, it might work now, but that was not the point of this thread, it didn't work then.

Aka, this is a consequence of bad coding in PI, because it has been coded to download a specific file, not a file, which allows it to be updated and no longer be the specific file.

Also, if one of the mods would require the update, it would be in the specific mod, but that has the problem of updating between mod installs which the PI can't handle apparently at ALL ! Etc etc etc... I have written about this at least 3 different times in different threads..

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23 hours ago, Almateria said:

Have you considered changing your strategy to writing things once, but in a way that’s coherent, not horribly painful to read, and one that people won’t give up after realizing who’s the author

No, after the BWS fell. Before that, there's the whole FAQ for the Megamods, it's years old and the Windows 10 wasn't a thing before it, so.

But here, let's go:

A modern moding tool should have a few principles...

1) Few if any required components.

2) Install order that is ingrained, aka it comes with the tool as a part of it and it's easy to shift things with in it, say with a drag-and-drop -interface, and take instructions from other sources, such as a weidu.log's of the past. And that then allows download extracts and automation.

3) a fixpack of one kind or another, but this is to be defined by the need to fix things and how sevear they ever are.


~SETUP-WEIDU.TP2~ #0 #0 // 24600

4) Have the "setup-WeiDU" to be a standardized mod. With it's .tp2 -file, download archive, and the works. Whatever else that would mean. Not a tool assisted -*curse words*-ery.

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