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German translator needed

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The green lines look very good. Some things:

@294: Sakphul legen ihre Hände nicht an Drow.

I'm unhappy with this sentence. "Hände an jemanden legen" is not correct German. Better change this to "Sakphul lassen ihre Hände besser von Drow." or "Sakphul fassen keine Drow an."

Minsk is written with a "k", this needs to be corrected at some instances (e.g. second instance at @241).

And more things: du, dir, dich, dein with a small letter if it's a casual "you" and not a formal form of address. This would need to be corrected in the whole document.

"weiß" with "ß", not "ss" (e.g. @168)

@35 = ~Wow! Ich liebe es, in der grossen Freiheit draussen zu sein! Versteh mich nicht falsch, ich mag die Stadt und alles, aber hier fühle ich mich frei. So richtig frei.~

-> großen, draußen

I guess there is more of these things, unfortunately I don't have time to poof read it currently.

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Looks really good! Besides the things @jastey mentioned, I am not so happy with the translation of Happy, happy, joy-joy, happy, happy, joy-joy!

Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen has a rather negative meaning in German. 
Translated as Peace, Joy, pancakes, it is a proverb that describes a superficially intact, seemingly peaceful and carefree facade within a society. It is often used to express that problems are repressed rather than solved. I am not sure if this is the idea behind the original sentence.

I suggest changing it to something like "Freut Euch Eures Lebens" or „Lasst Freude in Eure Herzen“  which might better fit Alora's character.

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Thanks, both of you. ;)

Unfortunately i do not speak German at all, so i will be unable to proofread it further, except for the MinsK case. But if someone is willing to do a complete proofreading, he or she will be very welcome !

All those modified lines were already present into the original game, as you can see with the brackets ( [Alora12] for example) meaning those lines are voiced, or partly voiced lines. The initial English version of the mod got the exact same text as the voiced line playing beside it, so it seems like intended by Raven, the author of this mod. This translation of happy, happy, joy-joy, seems to be the official one in the German version according to the Dialog.tlk of the said version of BGEE.

My only "unofficial" change in the German version (and the Russian one, that i don't speak either) is the Sakphul one, "Rivval" is a drowish word for "Human" that i do have changed with "Sakphul", which mean "Halfling". And some punctuation.

Sorry i should have included this context sooner...

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Ah, I see. Using Sakphul should be alright. But it's what I wrote above, better change the whole sentence to one of my alternatives. As it is, it's a direct translation from the English original but it doesn't really make sense in German. Or just leave it as it is now since the whole mod should be proof read if possible. I'm in the middle of Fading Promises that has similar issues.

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Allright, so i do have corrected the MinsK case, added your change of the "Sakphul" line, and i have also converted all the files in ANSI.

ANSI is the correct encoding for the German translation file in the classic version of the game, right ? Because we do plane to merge the BG2 classic & BGEE version of the mod together.

As you might understand, i can't go any further with proofreading a language i do not speak at all. :(


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