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Error in install

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I think i figured out what happened. I believe it was interference from one of my unwanted system pop-ups that blew off the install. So, i bit the bullet and started all over again. I do appreciate the time you took looking at it though. Thank you.

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+1 for Smarter General AI not installing...

Truman, did your restarting your install get it to work? It hasn't for me all day... files are attached, for what it's worth - my install worked a week ago.

Here's the error:

ERROR: cannot convert MACRO_max or %MACRO_max% to an integer
ERROR: [weapprof.2da] -> [weidu_external/workspace/weapprof.2da] Patching Failed (COPY) (Not_found)
ERROR: Not_found
Smarter general AI (Sword Coast Stratagems) was not installed due to errors.

Do you have any ideas?



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