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"Make Khalid a Fighter-Mage (Domi)" too overpowered

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Well, the xp and spell distribution is bound by your protagonists level... if you have zero xp when you meat khalid, they have what they get. If you have a 1 000 000xp, they join as their highest level character... it's not a level 10/10, but something towards that effect.

The 4 starting proffs on a fighter/mage is what they get by being a fighter/mage. Make your own half elf Fighter/mage and you'll see you get the exact same amount and can put the proff points where you like, or at least up to two points in which ever you want, in either EE games, Tutu or BGT-weidu. If memory serves, Tutu actually didn't enfource the original max of 2 proff point limit at character creation, but a tweak was made later which I would remember was intergated into the BGT-weidu release, later. 

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Khalid F/M overpowered?! :laugh: Did you ever tried run with him in BG 1 (  I did by the way )?  Believe me, that guy need all the help he can get :p ( although in his defense I must say that with  little planning and investment he is at least competent, as is every other NPC out there by the way). 

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