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I need saved games w Thief and Ranger Strongholds

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I have only played through Druid's, Fighter's and Bard's strongholds myself, but I think Thief's and Ranger's are the ones where Kivan most likely have something to say. As I have unwittingly started a test game with a monk, I do not think I will have time for a campaign with a thief/ranger. If someone could forward me a saved game once you have taken either Thief's or Ranger's strongholds, it would be v. helpful!

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Guest John mackey



Hi again. Now I've currently got a saved game for which I'm currently in in which I've got both the thieves and rangers strong holds. How I managed this was with a mod which allows for multiple strongholds. I've already completed the Paladins stronghold in the game.


email me at redneck1st@hotmail.com and let me know how to send you the saved game and I'll be more than happy to do so.


John Mackey

aka: redneck1st@hotmail.com

aka: redneck_1st@yahoo.com

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O, if you have other mods installed, I am afraid I will not be able to use them. Don't worry about that. :)



Oh so your looking for someone that just has the game with only the Kivan mod installed?


Sorry but have the expaned thieves guild and multiple strong holds as well as for the Soulefein mod installed as well.



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No problems, do not worry. When the installation differes, saved games can introduce a bunch of artifacts and bugs. I will just play with a thief one of these days :)



Okay I usualy run with a Fighter/mage/thief as my Pc. Thats why I added the expanded thieves guild


Not to mention added the Soulefein mod and like it so much don't want to take it out. LOL

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