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This mod and bg1npc

Guest Ragnar

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I'm not into this mod at all, but I noticed (in one of the readme) that the girdle gender reactions are bundled both in this mod and in BG1 npc. In fact for the characters missing you are supposed to install RE.

Why aren't they all in bg1 npc? Is it because the one contained in RE are thematically different (characters imply they are going to have sex, use a certain type of language and so on)?

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It's not that bg1re is supposed to be an add-on to BG1NPC Project's girdle reactions (as you noticed, the tone is different due to the nature of the mod). It's more that when we wrote girdle reactions for the NPCs, we didn't want to overwrite the (few) ones from BG1NPC so some NPCs react via BG1NPC and some (others) via bg1re.

Also, BG1NPC is closed content-wise with regard to additions.

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@Thimblerig thank you 

@Jastey. Got it. But... 

is the girdle expansion content from this mod suggested to be installed:
1) for a completeness sake (so you get all the reactions possible from npcs),
2) because they match the original content and intent of bg1 npc project? 

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The reactions of BG1NPC were more of the completeness kind of sorts for authors that wanted "their" NPC to react to it (for me it was "I can't let (romanced) Ajantis *not* react to a gender change".)

bg1re focussed more of the gender change as a topic I guess and is more tongue in cheek I think. But: the topic (EDIT: topic included in BG1NPC) was extended by bg1re because it fit the mod content of bg1re.

So I guess it's more number 1.

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