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Possible to transfer resources from vanilla IWD > BG?


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I created a post a whole about my making of a Baldurs Gate 1 mod designed for the original game. I have had a lot of progress with it and managed to play through until the end, as I hadnt modded anything from ToSC as of yet. 

My question I wanted to ask, Is it possible using Near Infinity to load Icewind Dale 1 and possibly take resources for example spell/weapon icons or even creature animation models and transfer to Baldurs Gate ? Since they both run using the same engine I wanted to ask if its possible to do that as I would like to be able to merge some of the contents of the game. 

Hi @DavidW , apologies in advance for tagging you in this post, but from playing SCS and how you were able to essentially transfer the spell animations/spells themselves and import them into BGEE, wanted to ask if you had tinkered with the original game for this sort of thing.


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It depends on the specific spell in question. See the IWD and BG use a different set of opcodes for the creation of the spells, and thus it's possible in some cases while completely impossible without .exe hacking in other cases. And we are talking about engine level recreation ... and then I'll also tell you that the IWD table is not the true legimite table as that's taken from the ingame tables, which are not entirely accurate to their actual effects in game, and the IWD game has a lot of unknowns still as it wasn't the primary thing to be researched.

For example of the things, this doesn't work at all. Yes, that's a part of characters screduled actions and scripting, but this is a known thing as the engine was changed. It makes it impossible to have joinable party members in IWD. But it's still in the tables. Same thing in IWD2...

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I've never really tried to mod the original BG1 (only its TUTU/BGT/EE conversions to the BG2 engine). I imagine you can probably move some of the resources over but I don't know what the constraints are (the BG engine is less sophisticated than the IWD one so that's likely to make it harder rather than easier).

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5 hours ago, Guest Ront said:

Moonboy, are you planning to release your mod? 

Erm, I havent really thought about it to be honest. My initial version was made for me and my brothers to play by making the game play a bit different to Vanilla and to improve a lot of aspects. If people would want to play it I wouldn't mind releasing it.

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