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Solution to Kivan, his Spear, and his Pips in Halberd for BG:EE?


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Kivan in BG:EE no longer has pips in spear but comes with two pips for halberds. For legacy reasons his quest gives him a spear as a reward for EE, also.

There is two obvious solutions if we want to keep the original content:

-change Kivan's pips in BG:EE and EET from halberd to spear.

-change the item to use halberd proficiency instead. (kudos to jmerry for the idea.)

I'm fine with either - or both. I would make it an optional component and would be happy if someone provides the required tp2 code / changed item.

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A spear seems much more fitting for him, in terms of flavour. Elves of Shilmista are not known to fight with halberds, and it is an unwieldy weapon for a hunter anyway. It's a question of game design whether balance should be prioritised over coherence. Personally, I think that the logic of "there's a lot of halberds in BG:EE, so Kivan should be proficient with them" which seems to have led to the EE change, or even alternatively "Kivan's halberd miraculously looks like a spear" is a bit circular.

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1 hour ago, jastey said:

I'll integrate it if someone provides the needed code (as this is not my field of expertise.)

Mm, this pretty much is my expertise.  🙂  I'll see what I can do, it shouldn't be too hard.

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45 minutes ago, jastey said:

@Angel thanks in advance! (I assume you are aware that this has only to be compatible with EE.)

Not a problem.  I can write it in such a way that it will work with anything except vanilla BG1 (where this isn't an issue anyway).

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6 minutes ago, jastey said:

@Angel awesome! Thank you, I'll take a look at it when I'll have the time.

No rush.  This was pretty quick and dirty, if you want me to refine it a bit more let me know.  Currently the second option doesn't change the spear's description and turns it into something of a spear/halberd hybrid.  I can make it change it into a full halberd with a little more effort.

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