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Issue with the spell Decastave and warnings with SCS

Guest TotoR

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First thing fist, I like to thanks modders for the time spend to make great mods like this one.

As I haven't, find any clues about two strange behaviours with IWDification, I post the information here.

when I am playing with BGT, IWDification and SCS there is 2 issues :

  1. Decastave doesn't work when you have an off-hand weapon, it crash the game (two handed weapon on top of an offhand weapon)
  2. IWDification update spell.ids for spells symbol of hopelessness and Pain with CLERIC_SYMBOL_OF_PAIN and CLERIC_SYMBOL_OF_HOPELESSNESS. SCS is looking for CLERIC_SYMBOL_PAIN and CLERIC_SYMBOL_HOPELESSNESS (without OF) witch leads to warnings during the installation.


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