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Subrace mod

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No, I didn't. But the mod is compatible with BG1EE, SOD, BG2EE, EET, IWDEE.

As for the documentation, I'm sorry. In general, this is the first time I release a mod on an English-language site. I knew that I would forget something.

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No need to talk to me. I don't know the ETA for my project, and in any case there's no reason not to have multiple versions of an idea - people can choose which one they want to use, different people may have different preferences, and the same person may want different things in different playthroughs.

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This definitely has the most potential out of any subrace mod I've seen just from the UI work alone. Will be keeping an eye on this.

Just some critique for what I've experimented with briefly:

  • The descriptions contain stats that I assume are directly from PnP like Bluff and Hide checks... I assume things like 'dodge' are supposed to be equivalent from AC, but I would remove the bits of information that aren't relevant in gameplay.
  • Drow and Deep Gnomes: I'm... not fond of the RNG magic resistance. It just seems to encourage rebuilding the character over and over until you get the max amount for powergamers and seems frustrating more than anything else if you happen to get the ~40% from sheer bad luck. I'd prefer it if it were a set amount, but that's my personal tastes and not a demand.
  • Duergar: This one's not a dealbreaker and it's actually kind of funny, but since the dwarf can go 2 Charisma minimum they'll die instantly in-game from the -2 racial penalty. I guess you could specially code it to check for 2 Charisma and drop the penalty down to -1 instead, but I assume most players won't even notice this.
  • Ghostwise Halfling: it gets Set Traps but without any natural bonus to it, the ability will never work unless they're a thief and invest points into the skill.
  • I know the skin/hair color changes are for immersion, but I'd like to see them made optional. Just a minor peeve.
  • The subraces get a strange portrait icon that looks like a recolored Luck icon or something. I assume it's intentional, but it doesn't seem to have any purpose, and doesn't even display in the records.

Nothing else stands out as an issue at the moment. This could become my subrace mod of choice from now on.

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Random Magic Resistance: Make it a specific value.  I've liked BG's stats system because I could use Control-8 to guarantee 18s in all stats so I can get on with the game and skip this 'rolling' stuff.

Duergar: Expect people to use the minimum CHA if they don't already have a good reason to have a high CHA.  It's best to fix this so PCs don't accidentally die soon after starting the game for seemingly no good reason!

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Thanks for the feedback. I will try to fix everything.

About the icon on the portrait. It does not show up in effects, but is used to display a subrace in a Character Record. So far I haven't found another way to display it other than using EEex. But I can make it transparent.

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What about how much percentage to put on magic resistance? I think it is possible to make an increase as the level up. But need to check for multi / dual classes. And then there are problems with them. It is not yet known how splprot.2da will work, as far as I know, the problem with checking the level/experience points remains.

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