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Subrace mod

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Mod only for Enhanced Edition version. To check the subrace, the local variable SUBRACE is set. You can check the subrace using this  variable with TriggerOverride(Player1,Global ("SUBRACE","LOCALS",3)).

Available Values:
1: Aasimar
2: Tiefling
3: Drow
4: Wild Elf
5: Gold Dwarf
6: Gray Dwarf (Duergar)
7: Strongheart Halfling
8: Ghostwise Halfling
9: Deep Gnome (Svirfneblin)

Subrace has also been added to Viconia(Drow), Baeloth(Drow), Haerdalis(Tiefling), Korgan(Duergar), and Caelar(Aasimar). They can be checked in the same way.

There will be no option for the original versions of the game. The mod uses the capabilities of Enhansed Edition and Lua, so it will be difficult to remake it for the original games.

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Korgan as a duergar? I'm fairly certain his interjections with the duergar merchants in the Underdark confirm that, whatever he is, he is definitely not a duergar.

I think the mod implements subraces in a much more effective manner than other mods and if a bigger variety of subraces are added, it would be basically perfect.

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The mod can be installed after your mod. The main thing is to install it after mods that greatly change the user interface. After those that replace ui.menu. (Like Dragonspear UI and similar ones)


Artemius I

As for Korgan, apparently I was wrong. Need to check.

I added only subraces that are in IWD2. As for additional subraces, you can add. But I need a source where I can see what subraces are still there. I'm not very good at this.


PS And it is desirable to install on version 2.5+. Since AREATYPE support in SPLPROT.2DA was added only in this version. On earlier, not all features will work (such as Day Blindness, etc.)

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@tipunThank you for very nice mod, but i want more....more :D
I know that to big diversification will cause opposite effect that's why it will be nice if each race would have Race that can be played as a good/ bad /neutral and special. One that is unique upon all races and not just a grey version but truly unique bonuses and disadvantages.

Propositions of ideas

Evil    - TIEFLING
Neutral    - Tipun 😛
Special    - Dragonborn

And make that each race got minimum 4 subraces     

Examples of specials:

Bonus for specials    
learn 200% speed    
All skils on +1    
All Attributes +1    
Cold resistance +100%    
Permament Buff    
Use perks from https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Perk as an inspiration    
Learn 50% of exp    
All Attributes -1    
Fire resistance - 100%    
Permament Curse    

It would be perfect to create couple of half-orcs subraces...maybe diferent clans :D?

Ideas for subraces and text can be taken from here https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/5e_Subraces ;)

I know that this is more likely dreams but... yeah :D

Sorry if i started to "dream BIG" 😛

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I'll take a look at the links and see what can be done. What other subraces can be added. But I don't know about the alignment limitation. In BG, alignment can depend on the class. I think this will require writing a lot of Lua code.



I have not used this mod. I'll have to look at it.

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@tipun best you tag people by typing the @ and the name and then chose the user's name from the dropdown list. This way the user gets notified.


16 hours ago, tipun said:

The mod can be installed after your mod. The main thing is to install it after mods that greatly change the user interface. After those that replace ui.menu. (Like Dragonspear UI and similar ones)

My question was whether it makes sense that it will be installed before NPC mods. I guess you reply answers my question, though.

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7 minutes ago, tipun said:

@Endarire The link on the google will remain the same as in the first message. I will try to update it too. But my internet is very slow and expensive. It may take time. Or do you think this link should be removed?

There should be only one link (google drive or github) so players won't be confused and you won't have to update both of them. With github, you are providing an ability to download you mod using commandline tools and a possible auto-updates for you mod in the future.

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