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[Mod release] Valen EE - A rewritting of Valen NPC mod for Enhanced Edition

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@Hellmouse on a related note - how about you write an own Valen mod?

I appreciate and respect Weimer's Solaufein mod for what it is - the first NPC mod and the reason WeiDU was developped. Nevertheless, I didn't agree to his characterization so I wrote another one.

With a romance etc. it sounds you have not only a very own characterization of Valen in mind but also some content you could put into an own NPC mod. You'd have to create and write the exisitng content (cre file, NPC banters, non-romance dialogues with the PC) anew of course, but then you could do with the character whatever you wish without fearing it will be rejected.

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So the best solution would be to just make this mod an addon to the original one? Like to play it one needs to original version.

Did Weimer wrote a significant amount of content for Valen? It has been a long time since I played it. I only recall it availing Valen to be recruitable.

Still...isn't Valen an original BG2 character? She was not created by Weimer.

So if someone wanted to start Valen from scratch without using any of Weimer's resources then I see no need to get his permission. Getting in contact with modders who had long left modding will be almost impossible.

IMO if you actually plan to use Weimer's version of Valen and expand it then write on top of the mod that Weimer is the one who provided the content upon which you improve the mod plus mention which stuff are you adding or changing. And that you will remove it if Weimer asks you to do so.

Best to just go either via the add on route or making your own Valen mod from scratch I think. A separate add on to require the original Weimer mod or your own version .

Really looking forward to it!

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@jastey here is a "technical bugfixing update" as you suggested https://github.com/hellmouse/valen/tree/v0.0.1 . I took the original Weimer's code and commit all the modifications from there. I also made a changelog file to sum up everything, if it's easier for you. 

I did'nt change any of the dialog or script, just the installation and some ressources (ids and portrait) to make it compatible. Also, there is the "priest" component issue. This component makes all the non evil priest hostile to the party (and even some non priest, because it simply uses a very broad regexp) which can break the game (there is a conflict at some point in Dorn quest for instance and they may be many other with NPC / quests mod). Rather than modifying this component, I just made it optional during the installation so the player can skip it if it breaks their game.   


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@jastey about your suggestion of making my own Valen Mod, I guess this a grey zone. I would be glad to do that (even it would require a significant amount of time) but one could still argue it is copying the original mod idea even if the code and the characters are different. Even written from scratch, it would have similarity with the original mod (at least, making the Valen NPC joinable as an evil Vampire thief).

I don't know what your "honor code" exactly says about that case but, as rewriting from scratch requires significant extra amount of time and work, I won't start on this unless this seems ok for everybody in the community.  As you suggested, I will also try the PocketPlan group to ask thier opinion about it.

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@Hellmouse thanks for the update I will look at it when I have the time.

To the other question: I wrote an own Solaufein NPC mod so I guess that makes it clear that I do not think that "making Valen [Solaufein] a joinable NPC" is a mod idea that is copyrighted to Weimer just because he wrote the first one. It's the same for my BGII Ajantis NPC mod - I do not own the character, it's a BioWare NPC, so anyone is free to write an own Ajantis BGII mod, as long as they do not use unique content ideas from mine (my mod's quests and dialogues).

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Yeah, I'd be interested in your own take on Valen.  Weimer's original mods were good examples at the time, but the writing wasn't really to my tastes.  I'd be a lot more interested in someone's new take on the character that wasn't tied directly to Weimer's version.  You can be inspired by some of the ideas of the previous mod, but you also have a lot more creative freedom to do your own version.  I'd probably skip the update/addon to the existing Weimer NPC mod, but would give a standalone take on the character a closer look.  Then again, there's probably people on the other side who are looking for an update to the classic but may not be interested in something new.

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