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Beta Testing Issues

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HI Great mod. I may be getting something wrong but I don't seem to get the voucher to finish the brother quest from the smugglers.

Ignore that think i am an idiot.



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Just installed the newest version, and Blurt won't talk to me.  I spoke with LIme, he directed me to Blurt, but Blurt just asks for alms.  The journal also is directing me to Blurt.

EDIT: The reason is because Lime sets SetGlobal("bsAskedMissingMonk","MYAREA",1) while Blurt looks for Global("bsAskedMissingMonk","GLOBAL",1)

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Just a suggestion: Add info trigger regions on the outside of buildings so we don't have to bring up the mini-map to know which each building is. :)

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The Fletcher says they sell the finest in 'Amn', and speaks as if Baldur's Gate is within the borders of Amn, which of course it isn't since they're fixing to go to war with each other.

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Oh, good finds! And a useful suggestion with the info triggers. I will prepare a v0.4 with the fixed variable soon.

Would the sentence be "The finest arrows and the finest bows on all the Sword Coast." or is at the Sword Coast? In the Sword Coast?

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2 minutes ago, jastey said:

Would the sentence be "The finest arrows and the finest bows on all the Sword Coast."

Works for me :)

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not sure what has manifested.  last phrase should be and see what they'll find. or look to see  or discover  or 'go into the inner sanctuary to see what they can discover.' or see what they can find.

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