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Transition from SoD to SoA

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Ok, first of all I had an issue that Breagar was not in SoA (he should be). For those who are not familiar with the mod: When Breagar is in the group at the end of SoD, he is a neutral "observer" in the final fight with ths shadow thieves. In ID he should be in the room with the golems. Which he was not. Tried some things and the ones relevant to the EET conversion are: 

- When I don't level-up Minsc and Jaheira before or during the fight with the shadow thieves, they don't get extra XP when joining the group in ID. Also their scripts are not active. Usually they talk to Player1 while they are caged. This time I had to initiate the dialogue by myself. This was reproducable. Levelling them up and everything was fine. 

- Other effect: To bring Breagar into the SoA I had to take him into the group during the fight with the shadow thieves. And therefore to kick-out others. Well, doing this right, I kicked out all the new faces (Jaheira, Minsc, Dynaheir and Khalid). Result was, that Minsc and Jaheira are imported to SoA with their equipment, meaning fully equipped with armor, weapons and the like. Well... not at problem.

- While having Breagar in the group during the shadow thieves fight, results in the effect that he had very strange effects on him when he is joining the group in ID. This could be avoided in kicking Breagar out after having him joined during the shadow thieves fight. But this resulted in the effect that Jaheira was not transfered to ID (her cage stays empty). 


Summarized: Kicking-out heroes during or before the fight with the shadow thieves can result in strange effects which are not intended. 


Maybe to add: during BG 1 and SoD I never had Jaheira and Khalid in the group. I met them both during the siege of Bridgefort. Dynaheir and Minsc I never talked to. 


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Despite what I said yesterday at Kerzenburgforum, transition from Breagar to BGII in EET actually only checks for "InMyArea("ACBre")" (acbre/baf/ee/ac_k#telbgt.baf). That he had to join in your game to be present in BGII is very strange, as it should make no difference.

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Guest Erz

How do you transition from BG to SoD?? After they steal Sarevok' sword i go back where he died and find Safana waiting for me. 
And THEN??

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