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Question regarding uninstalling mods from EET once i have everything set up

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I have a few questions regarding installing and uninstalling mods

I finally got my EET set up with all my mods and ran the EET end application to finalize my installation then installed SCS as recommended by that mod.  I then found that a mod was causing crashes and uninstalled it via it's weidu uninstall and the game runs fine now, but do i need to do anything else after this? do i need to run the EET end application again? 

If i uninstalled a mod before, and then felt that i prefer it around can i just reinstall the mod via the application? do i need to do anything else after?

I installed a module in one of the tweak mods that removes the helmet animation and the restriction to protection items, but some items added by one of the item packs is not affected by these tweaks, if i uninstall the tweak modules and re install them would it then make these items adhere to the tweaks?

Thank you for your time, i just want to ensure that my install is as stable as possible as i want to keep this install for a long time




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Unistalling mods is generally bad for the intergrity of the saves, and the install order itself as it can have conseguencies that are not obvious from first sight... but open your weidu.log file and you can see what's where.

Uninstalling item tweaks, when you have then added item mods ... is not a good idea for you'll cheese your save game, so you'll then HAVE to restart the entire campaign to fix that one item, and the install might not even effect the item at all. So you'll be taking a chance, that's probably not worth it.

The item wear restriction is a text file(itemexcl.2da file) that you can edit yourself if it's not archived back into the game back by a mod that can do that. And to edit it, you open it with Notepad, and the edit is simply deleting the text in it. If the file is not in the override folder in the game folder, then you can open the file with Near Infinity.

The hemet animation is replacing effects that will be more complex. But you are playing with dolls, so doesn't it make sense to have the dolls to wear armor in their heads too. I simply don't undestand the tweak at all it seams.

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