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Need help with global variables to initiate romances with NPCs


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Hi all,

First of all i would like to thank all modders who helped create this work of art, this is the first time i have the mod installed and am loving the additions it adds to an otherwise very boring part of my EET playthrough.

I would like to ask if anyone knows the global variables to add into EEkeeper to initialize the romances with the npcs in the BG1NPC mod? I installed all of them but none fired up and i am already at the point of going to cloakwood, before checking the guide and realized that i did not meet the requirements to start some of the romances but would still like to experience them for the first time on my playthrough. Do Romances in BG1NPC work like how romances work in BG2EE? Because in BG2 i can initiate romances even with characters that i would normally not be able to initiate them with if i changed or added in certain variables in the global affects portion of EEkeeper. 

If this is possible could i please get a list of the variables to add in all the different romances?


Thank you in advance.



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Guest Daniel

Hello! I would like to reset Shar Teel romance so I can correct a failure in keeping it alive. When I use the clua console to get the variable, the game tells that the variable does not exist.


I am using the variable name as I read in these forums


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Guest Daniel

Hello @jastey


I localized the variable inside the .htm file


it reads as: X#SharInterest

On the post i checked , the query on the variable must be written as C:GetGlobal("P#SharInterest","GLOBAL") 

So i only have to change the "P" for an "X"?



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