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BG2:EE Party Banters Issue

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Hi, everyone! This is my first post as a user to this forum-- I've been lurking for a while, using this forum's discussions to bolster my non-existent knowledge of Infinity Engine mods to a point where I could actually use them, and for a time all was well. Unfortunately, I've come across an issue that I can't seem to find a fix for-- at least, not within the realm of my abilities-- and I was hoping someone could give me advice.  


I've been playing a single BG2:EE campaign with a modded set-up for give or take 60 hours; nothing extravagant, I think, although I've included the WeiDU.log in this post (just because I've seen it done). Come Chapter 4, I find that all party banter is gone. Kaput, zilch, nada! I try to use the console to force it, and it only triggers for Gavin, the NPC mod I installed. When he was ejected from the party, I couldn't force NPC banters whatsoever.

I suppose it's not too major, since I decided to power through and make my way to Chapter 6 in deafening silence, but I've read in various posts across the Internet that others have had similar problems (I've even heard it referred to as the "infamous stutter bug", which does nothing for my nerves) and that all the fixes involved utilizing Near Infinity and making TP2 mods and checking scripts. Suffice to say, such acts require a skill level that I couldn't reach on my tippy toes. 

I am willing to take the time to learn how to work with the game engine, and I certainly don't want my first impression to be one of laziness, but I was wondering if anyone had any simpler suggestions that wouldn't potentially lead to my breaking my game further or necessitating a re-install?


Thank you in advance!


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