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How do projectiles in areas work?

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You know, besides actors and containers and so on, areas can have "Projectile traps." I don't think they are just for traps, but I'd like to know how to put one in an area. Are there limits on projectile types and sizes? Do they have to be area-of-effect? Where do they actually aim? And there are two fields where a projectile file can be chosen. I get only crashes with mine. What I actually want to is to scatter 0-speed Pass-target projectiles of considerable width. With effects, of course, but come to think of it, area projectiles haven't got a field for spells to deliver.

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Near Infinity is not setup to add/remove effects to/from Area Projectiles.  They don't store spells, just effects.

The first projectile field (by ResRef) controls the actual projectile used, while the second projectile field (by index) is used by op273 to clear area projectiles.

The projectile does have to be area-effect.  They aim at whoever triggers them.

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Yes, they have to be triggered, like traps, that's the only thing that keeps them in the area when you save&reload.

Not sure what you mean by cycle.

You might want to look at "bd5000.are", bdstink.bcs", "bdstink.spl", "bdstink1.spl", and "bdstink.pro".

It's has several area traps (regions) that fire a spell with a continuous projectile over their location whenever the area loads to provide the visual.  Then uses a separate spell to apply the effects.

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