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Problem with Dynaheir's Journal Quest: Accidentally Killed Good Gnolls

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I have downloaded the BG1 NPC project for the first time and have come across the "Dynaheir's Journal" quest. After rescuing her, Dynaheir asked we keep an eye out for her journal. Then we met Drizzt and I helped him (no insults/killing). I then went North to the Red Canyons and Drizzt appeared again, gave us a page from her journal and suggested we search for the rest. I agreed to search together and he said we would meet back in one day. So far so good, as far as I can tell from Google.

I then went a few steps North and four gnolls appeared who were marked as non-hostile (their circles were blue) but the attack music started up and in the scroll bar it said that the gnoll attacked Dynaheir. Well, I thought, "Great, we're hunting gnolls looking for Dynaheir - these must be them!" and killed them all. Lo and behold they had another page of her journal. "Great!" I thought. Odd that they never went hostile (red) but whatever. Continued on my merry way, did some other quests, and, as is my habit, quick saved about every five seconds. Came back, tried resting a few times, but Drizzt never came back. After extensive Googling, it appears these were friendly gnolls and I was supposed to talk to them. Oops. I think now I've broken the quest and my latest save before this happened was the chapter start which I really don't want to go back to.

I tried using console commands to respawn the gnolls (though admittedly I don't understand coding and followed a response from a similar issue in another thread). I entered:



I also tried again with the latter command area as 3700 (which is where I am and found the gnolls the first time). No luck. Anyone have any idea how to save this quest? I really would like to see it through.

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