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Do any areas have defeat songs?


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"Songs of Defeat," our new top-selling album for BG3. All right. Areas that have music usually have it for day, night and combat. But there are slots for other tunes, and not all of them can even be started with PlayMusic. MUSIC.IDS is very limited. One of the slots that seems to be free everywhere is the COMBAT_LOSE. Do any areas have anything there? I have a mind to patch them all with an empty track for that slot, to which other music can be made to fade. PlayMusic requires some track to switch to, but if you simply want music off for some event, your only option is to kick off a non-existing tune, like for slot 1000. This only works with the FORCE play option, though. It chokes the current tune abruptly, but gradual fading takes a real track. 

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