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Does anybody use paralysis?


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They both use the same stat, and usally the same portrait icon, and are both removed by op162, but they are used by different abilities.

Effects using op175 (Hold):  Hold Person, Hold Animal, Hold Monster, Bigby's, Tanari Death Gaze.

Effects using op109 (Paralyze):  Webs, Sphere of Chaos, Mimic Glue, Basilisks, Ghouls, Carrion Crawlers, Ghasts, Vamp. Wolves.

There's no reason for Web to have either effect - op157 (web) already does everything either opcode does, and Bigby's would be better served using op185 or a mix of other opcodes.


"Hold" is a mental effect - no different from a "Command" or "Charm" spell, just not broken by hostile action.

"Paralysis" is a physical effect, usually chemical, disrupting the nervous system to prevent the body from receiving signals from the brain.


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I've long thought that "paralysis" should actually make  the victim fall down, not stand still like a statue. Alas, while the engine has duplicate Hold opcodes, and duplicate Charm and Movement Rate opcodes, there is only a single Sleep opcode, and that one is already overextended. (Unless you count PW:Sleep, but IIRC that one has annoying hard-coded restrictions.)

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Sleep can use the Unconscious icon, if you want to give it a new meaning. And kjeron must be desperately bored - he has never before given his opinion on anything! Well, I'm about to introduce a mechanic where Stun, the most popular hold 'em effect, means reeling but not being completely helpless, so there is no other consequence beyond being out of control and easily hit; Hold is the same but with nullified Dexterity, which doesn't matter for defense in this situation but may matter for checks, and Paralysis is Hold with permanent detrimental health trouble - the Dexterity is lowered and the character is slowed even after he can move again. This aftermath must be done away with through Remove Paralysis, Free Action or Heal. Now that I think of it, Stun should be replaced by Pause, which is just being unable to act but with the AC intact, and the player can observe the character's sheets and condition, at least. This change would really add flexibility to this range. But it would be too far-reaching for my current mod.

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46 minutes ago, subtledoctor said:

there is only a single Sleep opcode, and that one is already overextended...

I agree.

There is hope this issue will be addressed in later patches... In the meantime, you can use EFF files + op206/318/324 (see here for further details...)

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