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I need a help for my mod Kaya

Prof Errata

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Here the following requests for the new version of my mod Kaya, now the version v3EE_beta 1, and I hope that someone will give me an assistance :

- is it possible for a person who have English as mother tongue to reread the English translation of the mod (cf. translations/english/dialog.tra) and to correct it if necessary ? Despite of my 7 years of English I'mnot really fluent in this language and some syntax and grammatical errors are probably present here and there. Believe me, it helps me  a lot.

- Is it possible to add the lines in the .tp2 allowing to install my mod too in IWDEE ( - cf. the txt) ? If you could, don't touch to the lines allowing the installation in BG2ToB/BG2EE (the present ones), it could be useful for a later verification. Note that about IWDEE it will be necessary to "jump" the Edwin lines of course and to verify the presence of 3 games now (BG2ToB/BG2EE/IWDEE).

- the sounds : are the sounds of my character now transfered from BG2ToB to IWDEE, or is it necessary to keep Kaya once for all silent ?

- Perhaps you'll notice it, the items have been specially suited for our beloved Edwin, and <CHARNAME> too if he/she's a mage. And I've made mischievous references about the descriptions of the new robes to a great Archmage Jasteya…You know who she is of course…

Thank you by advance, and hoping a positive answer.




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