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Coup de Grace (mod for EE)

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With this mod combatants slay helpless enemies on the spot. It is a mechanic that exists in many other games. Unconscious, held, sleeping creatures (if they don't awake from the damage of the strike) will die 50% of the time if struck with a melee weapon. This means real weapons - daggers, maces, even bare hands and monks' fists, but not monster claws and paws. Undead, constructs, elementals and slimes are not affected. The danger goes both ways. You need to be very sure to keep your characters from becoming held or fly to their rescue. Mindless skeletons and zombies can't deliver killing blows, though, even if they carry weapons. Among other things, this mechanic should give something to do to characters who can't help in the fight otherwise. As the fracas moves on, the party halfling in the back can uphold his nickname Johnny Gouge-Eyes.

With the update the mechanic becomes a little more sophisticated. It now takes into account weapon damage types: targets immune to the damage a weapon deals will not be finished by it. Immunity to crushing also protects against coup de grace from fists. The damage of two weapon categories has been changed to take advantage of the target's AC: spears and morningstars will now do piercing or crushing damage, whichever is better against the armor (and sometimes thwack the target with the pole or deliver a thrust up the nose). This should encourage people to specialize in them and make ogres more dangerous to characters wearing leather and chain. Halberds have delivered piercing or slashing damage all along. Coup de grace is only blocked for these dual-type weapons if the creature is immune to both damage types. Plus, Otiluke's Resilient Sphere will protect from coup de grace blows. Carry it around in case someone becomes held and needs to be isolated quickly. That spell has been patched to require a saving throw and magic resistance check only when used against enemies or neutrals, allies will be sealed automatically.


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