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Regarding Item Revisions and Items Upgrade 'compatibility'

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I don't post here often for reasons, but I felt it appropriate concerning this topic that I don't think I've seen brought up before.

There's obviously a soft 'incompatibility' regarding this mod and Weimer's Item Upgrades, in that while both can be installed and function together without errors, there is the natural issue of design differences with revised items having completely different effects or, in some cases, completely redesigned. For example, Item Revisions changes the Armor of the Hart, which is used as an upgrade component, to a different .itm reference, which obviously raises major issues for the unaware who may use both mods regardless of the inconsistencies.

I've wanted to bring the two mods together for some time - in fact, I drafted the concepts of making the effects of the items of Item Upgrade in line with what their IR components provide. In regards to whether I should make this, however, I've been rather hesitant. I think there are those, especially those with nostalgia for Weimer's mods, who would enjoy being able to use both mods together, even if Item Upgrades is insanely overpowered and clashes with IR's design philosophy. But if I were to create some form of compatibility patch, what would be the best way to go about it? I'm inclined to make this an entirely separate mod, with dependency on both mods being installed.

In case any previous or future statement by people who maintain the mod object to this, simply speak up and I'll abandon the idea altogether.

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I'd vote for a separate something, either a component in the mod that is installed last or a separate add-on. This way, everyone has the choice and noone a reason to complain about original mod content being gone etc.

I am sure that adding a compatibility component to one of the mods could be organized, but I'm saying this without having any maintenance authorization over either of them.

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@Artemius Ithis is a splendid idea, I for one would really appreciate it. I've got two questions, though:

1. There are two parallel versions of Item Revisions: the original one (currently in beta v4) made by Demi snd maintained by @Mike1072and Item Revisions Revised, made by @Bartimaeuswhich is significantly different from the original version. Are you planning to do compatibility patch only for original version or also for IRR? 

2. Both original IR v4 and IRR are using vanilla-style item stats description and Weimar's Item Upgrade uses both vanilla and EE-style of item stats descriptions (depending of the game you sre playing). Are you planning to use only vanilla style descriptions in this compatibility patch or would you be willing to consider also adjust Item Revisions portion to EE-style? I would be TRULY grateful for the latter, although I understand that this may be way outside the scope of this mod. This single issue is the only issue that bothers me while playing IR(R). 



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Honestly what makes most sense to me would be to simply make an alternative version of Item Upgrade, which has different item abilities that match the IR versions. I know that would be stepping on the toes of the original Item Upgrade mod, and care should be taken to obtain permission from someone who has some kind of responsibility over it. (If such a person exists, anyway.)  But OTOH this would still honor the original design, and would not be antagonistic or competitive to the original in any way, so I see no reason such a person would not be willing to grant permission.

IRR is a whole separate question... TBH I wouldn't be willing to put much effort into compatibility until it decides what it wants to  be when it grows up, i.e. a mod all its own. More importantrly, it seems like IRR is making pretty drastic changes to items on a fairly frequent basis, so this might be a moving target.

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Guest Player

Hey did this ever end up going anywhere?
I have had similar ideas as well but I imagine it would be a pretty significant undertaking given the necessary compromise in power between IR and it's philosophy vs Item Upgrade.


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Well, I apologize for not seeing this topic before.

The natural install order is for IR/IRR to follow IU, so it should probably be a separate component in IR, e.g. "Update Item Upgrade to use IR's changes" or somesuch. For maximum interoperability, put it as a separate include and IU can detect and adjust in case the player installs the mods in the wrong order and I can SUBCOMPONENT IU as needed.

FWIW, we probably need to do the same thing for Under-Represented Items, now that it's also been updated.

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