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Transitions v1.x Bug reports and Feedback


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On 3/2/2021 at 3:20 PM, Lauriel said:

Now I know where I got #LBG3201 - from a dump file.  Safe bet, copy all .are files from areas to override.  I think there's more than one that the cut scene uses.


My current game hangs when I use Duke Belt's item to progress to SoD.  I looked to see if this would fix it, but there *ARE* no .are files to move to Override!  The "Transition" folder has the following contents:  Components (contains .tpa files), Dialogues (contains D files), Language (contains American .tra files and iconv .dll files), Lib (more .tpa files), Objects (.2da, .mos, .wav, .cre, itm, .spl, .sto files), scripts (.baf files), and the readme, config file and .tp2 file.

I'm using version 2.4 along with EndlessBG1 v10.


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40 minutes ago, Mordekaie said:

What is the point to install or not  the component  "22 - Use EndlessBG1's handling of Sarevok's equipment, if available, else use Option 2" ?

In the rare case of uninstalling EBG1 after Transitions has been installed, you'll still get one handling of it.

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Thanks for the reply.

Is it easiliy possible to divide "0 - Main component: Allow continued play after Sarevok and/or Irenicus is defeated" in two separate components ?

The first one would allow to continue play after Sarevok is defeated, and the second for Irenicus.

What do you think about this suggestion ?


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