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CEffectSetStat::ApplyEffect(): nOpcode...Protection: Immunity spell [318]

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I have been getting a log full of these and could not find where till now. (hopefully it is the only one)

SPWI210 Resist Fear

Protection: Immunity spell [318 type is set to 65954

DLTCEP seems to suggest that it is a EE experimental

I am not using ee, I deleted that effect and is no longer gives CEffectSetStat::ApplyEffect(): nOpcode...

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Great it is back. this time it is in skald's song SPCL542A

I did a search with NI and found opcode 318 Protection: Immunity Spell; back on op, but now i can't remember how I did that.

anyone know how to repeat or do a search for that? NVM found it.

BTW anyone know who the F@#k put that in there? EDIT: NVM it was fixpack (starting to question the validity of that name tho I am sure it fixes more than it breaks)

there is also 318 in called shot spcl121 in the 4th header

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